Monday, March 23, 2009

Real Estate Company Creates New Service Concept - Seller Consulting

Home sellers have a new friend in the real estate business: Seller Consulting

The new concept eliminates dual agency (known as Limited Agency in Indiana), a situation that occurs when an agent represents both the buyer and seller in the same transaction. This practice is legal in Indiana, and written disclosure from both buyer and seller is required. Forty -four other states also permit dual agency. The new service concept occurs while representing sellers.

Clear Choice agents do not list properties, but work as consultants for sellers, assisting them during the agent hiring process. The job of the Clear Choice consultant is to provide the seller with real estate sales statistics that demonstrate the top agents in a given area. A seller chooses three potential listing "candidates" from the consultant's information. Separate interviews are arranged with the potential Realtor candidates. The Clear Choice consultant facilitates the meetings and provides the sellers with understanding, facts and a strategy to hire the best real estate company available.

For the opportunity to present, the listing agent/broker must agree to pay a referral fee to Clear Choice. In essence, the consulting services are free to sellers since the referral fee is inclusive in the negotiated commission rate.

Clear Choice agents also represent buyers in the role of a licensed agent: assisting buyers in the entire process of home purchasing. Clear Choice agents promise buyers 100% exclusive agency. How? Since the company does not list properties, it can promise exclusive agency to each buyer. Important? No, Priceless.

Concept originator and owner/broker Mitch Vogel explains. "We have tested the consulting concept out since last June and in each case our consulting methods have saved our seller clients time and money. More importantly, we have eliminated any chance for limited agency since we don't list properties. Our buyers love us for that!"

"Our understanding of real estate helps sellers to make good decisions when it comes time to hiring an agent. Our method compares agents and this process is enlightening for the seller. Better, we have no agenda to get a listing contract signed. We are there to represent the sellers' best interest only. We empower them toward making better decisions."

The company has identified certain target markets for the concept, among those being frustrated sellers, builders and probate attorneys. "Once people understand the concept, they usually say the same thing: 'Why wouldn't a seller use this service?' But there's a paradigm shift occurring with agency, and it's a challenge to have people understand that. But when they do, they appreciate the transparency in our professional relationship."

Clear Choice Realtors is a licensed real estate company with an emphasis on transparent agency. For further information, please contact us at 317-972-4717.

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