Monday, March 23, 2009

Ascent Management Consulting’s Turnaround Consultant Kevin Herring Presents Work Unit Strategies for Thriving in Today’s Economy

Kevin Herring, founder of Ascent Management Consulting, is presenting a live webinar Wednesday, March 25 at 12:30 pm (PDT) hosted by Avant Resources that will provide answers to the burning question of how to succeed in an economic downturn. Herring’s presentation targets work groups and business units who need turnaround strategies to boost performance instead of traditional hunker down responses to today’s challenges.

In the presentation, Kevin Herring will explain why cost cutting is a losing strategy, how to discover untapped potential in every workforce, and what it takes to create remarkable leaps in innovation and performance to thrive while competitors are failing. Webinar participants will also learn how to become catalysts for generating workforce turnarounds.

Those interesting in participating in the webinar should call Avant Resources at 615-752-2373 or click for webinar details and registration information. More information about Kevin Herring, Ascent Management Consulting or turnaround consulting is available at Leaders and professionals interested in strategies for turning around work unit performance may also contact Ascent Management Consulting.

About Kevin Herring

As a performance turnaround expert, consultant, and speaker, Kevin Herring has developed a reputation for optimizing the performance of the most difficult work units. In his 25 years of experience, Kevin Herring has helped businesses succeed by leading total organization transformations, transforming leadership, re-aligning staff groups to add real value, and reversing the performance of underperforming work groups and business units.

Questions about Kevin Herring, Ascent Management Consulting, speaking engagements, or consulting can be asked on the contact page at

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