Monday, March 23, 2009

PC Techz Computer Consulting - a New Approach for Technology Needs

PC Techz has announced its new remote support approach to computer repair services, that is designed to deliver convenient no hassle PC and Mac assistance. PC Techz’s services focus on the individual computer user market as well as small businesses.

PC Techz services addresses today’s most common PC & Mac complaints and maintenance needs. Their services are designed for computer users who don’t have the desire, time or expertise to regularly maintain their PC or Mac, the service eliminates the need to carry a computer to a computer shop or wait for an IT support agent to show up for on-site troubleshooting.

Curious to how it works? Customers simply call 914-461-3210 to get PC or Mac help. Without the hassles of having to drop off or pick up their computer, customers get a reliable way to diagnose and repair computer problems over a secure Internet connection. PC Techz prides themselves on low affordable rates as well as their "No Fix, No Fee" Policy. They also provide the option of on-site computer support in Westchester County, New York if the problem is not repairable via remote support.

PC Techz Computer Consulting is now accepting new clients nationwide starting immediately – for more information visit

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