Monday, March 23, 2009

Consulting Firm Offers Free Services on its Web Site

Every year, companies take a look back and a look ahead to evaluate how they did in the past 12 months and what they need to do to do better in the upcoming year. L&G Business Solutions review this past year resulted in a sharpening of client focus so that the consulting firm can better meet or exceed client expectations, while continuing to strive to create the best client experiences possible. As part of that effort, today L&G launched its new web site today that demonstrates how the firm is responding to client challenges going forward. The new web site is found at the same address:

The first decision L&G made was to offer only services that they are best at and that they are confident will grow clients revenues, no matter the economy. The new list of services features the following: Business Development; Lead Generation; Multi-Channel Marketing; Marketing and Internal Communications; Direct Marketing; Creative, including Writing and Graphic Design; as well as new business development opportunities within Web 2.0/Social Media and Social Networking. The firm believe s that this integrated marketing mix will grow any business. Furthermore, L&G expanded its commitment by designing new fees that are performance-based because it believes clients should pay for results, not for time.

Lastly, L&G now provides web site content for free that can help businesses make better decisions on their own, without necessarily hiring a consulting firm such as theirs. Although its blog has offered such free content services for three years, Lewis Green, Founder & Managing Principal of L&G Business Solutions, says, "We are committed to helping businesses grow. In looking at our readers' data of readers, we recognized that our typical clients make up less than a quarter of the thousands of visitors who each month read the blog. In order to broaden our reach and to help more businesses, we added to our services by offering at no charge some of our ideas and solutions on both our web site and our blog, bizsolutionsplus."

L&G Business Solutions is a full-service business development, marketing and communications firm, specializing in business plans, marketing strategies, marketing plans, and business management. Its team of business consultants serve all of North America, and deliver only those services they do best, at a price customized for every client.

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