Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Technology Consulting Group Merendell Obtains Licensing Agreement with MDTEC to Market HotelMate in North America

Merendell Consulting, LLC, today announced the completion of a licensing agreement with Media Delivery Technologies, S.L., (MDTEC) a provider of mobile applications for the travel and tourism industries. Through the agreement, Merendell will market MDTEC's mobile phone hotel reservations application, HotelMate™, to hotel groups across North America. The agreement enables Merendell, a technology consulting group that markets mobile technologies to the travel and hospitality industries, to offer the new application to its clients and partners who are interested in leveraging the growing popularity of the mobile commerce (mcommerce) platform. With Merendell, Spain-based MDTEC will have their offering utilized in key regions where the demand for and use of mobile applications is high and rapidly increasing. By combining the strengths of Merendell and MDTEC, the agreement creates the opportunity for mcommerce to become a mainstream alternative to conventional hotel reservation transactions through HotelMate™.

HotelMate™ was developed by MDTEC to enable consumers to make and confirm reservations at hotels and resorts with their mobile phones. The platform upon which HotelMate™ was built allows for the room bookings to be made swiftly and securely using most modern cell phones, whether or not the phones are considered smart phones. Through the Merendell agreement, MDTEC's solution will be used by hotels and resorts throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico who choose to offer this innovative reservation booking option to their customers. Best of all, the application is easy to use, only requires a one-time download by consumers and is available at no cost to users.

Merendell's executive and sales team boasts many decades of collective experience in the travel industry. Their experience and insight will be instrumental in evaluating how their clients throughout the North American region should best leverage the robust, customizable capabilities of the HotelMate™ offering. MDTEC solutions are innovative and relevant, and HotelMate™ is one of other mobile phone reservation applications that MDTEC has developed to further leverage the lucrative potential of mcommerce.

"This agreement provides Merendell a tremendous opportunity to introduce more advanced mobile technology solutions to the hospitality and travel industries. We are excited about HotelMate™ and the immediate advantages it will offer to hotels and their patrons across North America," said Michael Ziyambi, president and co-founder of Merendell Consulting, LLC.

HotelMate™ showcases the distinctive qualities that are incorporated into all of MDTEC's inventive applications. Its proprietary technology provides the unprecedented ability to confirm and complete secure hotel reservations. The hotel reservations are completed primarily with dedicated mobile device functionality--just a few clicks of a mobile phone's keys--rather than through the more time consuming and more cumbersome process of navigating mobile websites on a cell phone browser. The HotelMate™ application experience offers seamless, intuitive navigation with pages loading almost instantly.

"MDTEC is committed to providing superior applications to users of all types of mobile phone devices. Through the agreement, any consumer in North America can now use HotelMate™, whether they have a high-end smart phone or one of the more basic modern cell phones on the market--all of our applications are developed for convenient, fast, easy and yet sophisticated mass use," said David Barnes, president of Media Delivery Technologies.

About Merendell Consulting, LLC

Merendell Consulting, LLC is a technology consulting group based in the United States. Merendell demonstrates the value of mobile phone applications to companies in the hospitality and travel industries. They also provide hotels and resorts the opportunity to implement new mobile technologies that will keep them in step with the popular mobile phone applications trend.

About Media Delivery Technologies

Founded in 2006, Media Delivery Technologies is generally considered to be a leading force in mobile application and development environment technologies. The company works closely with all leading handset manufacturers including Nokia, Blackberry (RIM), LG and Sony Ericson as well as with Sun Microsystems, the developer of the Java ME environment available in most mobile devices. MDTEC has offices in San Pedro de Alcantara, Marbella, Spain (HQ) and in the UK and Finland and Partners in the UK, USA, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, and Greece.

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