Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pittsburgh Internet Consulting Launches Educational SEO Website

After a few months of planning and hard work, the new is live online. This new site from Pittsburgh Internet Consulting (PIC) is focused on educating potential customers before they consider our services. Our experience has shown us that business owners and marketing managers who are seeking online marketing consulting are unsure which components of their internet marketing need help. The purpose of this site is to help guide those decisions.

Readers of the new website will find helpful lists such as "5 SEO Techniques to Improve Organic Rank" or detailed information on how to calculate website ROI. With more than thirty pages of valuable content the new PIC website is a resource that small to mid-sized business will find a useful read. The new effort also provides readers the opportunity to request a free website review for their websites.

This new website launches alongside the existing site. The original website for the company remains online as the company's primary sales vehicle. This existing website is a more traditional lead capture tool. Contrary to the new educational focus, this initial website simply explains Pittsburgh Internet Consulting and our services rather than how to market websites. Over the next few months the PIC consultants will be comparing the two site's conversion rates, traffic, and rankings. The plan for the future is to post the results of this case study on the educational site.

The company invites you to visit either website to request a free website review or correspond with them about your internet marketing needs and questions.

About Pittsburgh Internet Consulting

PIC is an internet marketing and consulting agency located in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, PA. With three full time search engine specialists and internet consultants on staff the company serves businesses throughout the U.S. in need of online marketing services. Established in 2001, the Pittsburgh Internet Consulting agency is a reliable company with a customer service focus. Consulting services can be purchased on an hourly basis or annual consulting agreement. For more information about this release or Pittsburgh Internet Consulting call 412-942-0222 to speak with Jeff Schroeffel or Heidi Snyder.

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