Wednesday, May 11, 2011

K2 Solutions Group, Inc. Partners with Macanta Consulting for Green / Sustainable IT Solutions

K2 Solutions Group, Inc. - Providence, RI is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Macanta Consulting - business and service management experts.

The partnership allows K2 Solutions Group, Inc. to deliver the eco-ITSM developed by Macanta Consulting. The eco-ITSM service is a world first and assists organizations in addressing the increasing demand and pressure for more sustainable IT through their service management processes. It not only supports the need for IT to address the needs of the organization’s corporate social responsibility but also helps to reduce cost, reduce risk, increase productivity and improve competitive advantage.

Carlos Casanova, President, K2 Solutions Group said: “I am thrilled to leverage the proven eco-ITSM assessment vehicle from Macanta Consulting to further deliver on my corporate mission of transforming data into actionable information. The ability to offer my clients sustainable IT assessment and services as part of a Configuration Management System (CMS) solution to improve the enterprises’ overall operational efficiency is simply tremendous and exciting.”

Breed Lewis, Director at Macanta, said: “We are very excited to have this partnership with K2 – a company who understands ITSM and it’s potential to address the environmental challenges of the 21st century.

Macanta Consulting was formed in 2009 and their aim is to provide organizations with a unique range of services based on their vast experience and knowledge. The result is a powerful combination of talent that can give organizations the ability to make their business efficient, effective and moreover successful.

K2 Solutions Group, Inc. specializes in the transformation of data into actionable information by leveraging the implementation and efficient operation of Configuration Management Systems (CMS). It delivers its services to clients in Financial Services, Consumer Goods, Airlines and Federal Government.

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