Wednesday, May 11, 2011

N&B Team Consulting Inc. announces Free SAP CRM Implementation for SAP Business ByDesign

N&B Team Consulting Inc. today announced their one-time offer to implement the customer relationship management (CRM) starter package for SAP® Business ByDesign™ for free. There is no cost for CRM implementation, customers only need to pay the monthly subscription cost that start at $89 per month, per user.* “Many businesses have held off buying a CRM or ERP solution due to costs. Now it is possible for these same businesses to implement the next generation SAP solution and thus adopt one of the most comprehensive on-demand solutions on the market”, said Allan Demers, Principle Business Advisor for N&B Team Consulting, Inc. “Over the past several years major technological breakthroughs have made it possible for businesses to have a fully integrated solution that can yield rapid results and high ROI, for a minimal investment”.

N&B Team Consulting wants to make it as easy as possible for businesses to embrace the next generation of business solutions. “Today more than ever, businesses must have the right tools that enable operational excellence throughout their organization, and this is what N&B Team Consulting is all about; bringing our customers high value and rapid ROI from their technology investments” said Sasha Nunes, President of N&B Team Consulting, Inc. This major incentive will give companies an opportunity to have one of the most complete CRM solution for their business. “The next generation business solution is here and N&B Team Consulting is very excited to help companies on this evolutionary business transformation process”.

The CRM starter package for SAP Business ByDesign provides one of the most comprehensive solutions on the market, with flexible support for customer relationship management processes that span marketing, sales, and service activities. This solution helps organizations exploit the right opportunities and maximize customer satisfaction and revenue, and is fully integrated with other business areas to speed sales cycles, bring in revenue faster, and control costs.

SAP Business ByDesign offers the capabilities that companies need for complete control of their business. From financials, customer relationship, supply chain and HR, to procurement, and project management, and including powerful analytics to help the organization to make better and more informed decisions. And since it’s all combined in a single application, customers simply turn on the modules they need, when they need them, so they only pay for what they’re using.

About N&B Team Consulting

N&B Team Consulting has been an SAP services partner in Latin America since 2008, and now a solution reseller for SAP Busines ByDesign in the United States, headquartered in Miami. N&B is known for their rapid solution deployment using Industry Best Practices and their relentless commitment to customer service, whereby their name N&B (Nearby and Borderless). “We are fully committed to our customers and offer a complete solution from finance, back office, ERP, consulting, data migration and all other aspects of the complete solution engagement lifecycle”, stated Nunes.

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