Thursday, July 2, 2009

Seminar for Independent Consultants Shows How to Boost Small Business with Team Consulting

Today, hundreds of independent consultants, contractors, and entrepreneurs attended a free MBO Partners seminar, “Working in Teams to Amplify Your Independent Consulting Business,” learning how to launch a consulting business and use the accounting and practice support power of the MBO Partners consulting umbrella.

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The consulting seminar featured Gene Zaino, President of MBO Partners, and Kelly Scherer, Team Manager, along with guest Bill James of Senior Executive Services, Inc. The panel addressed dangers and hassles associated with team consulting, such as legal, insurance, and accounting issues. They also explained how small businesses use the MBO Partners back-office support system, MyBizOffice©, as a comprehensive and mobile practice management platform.

Bill James commented, “One of the challenges of running a team of consultants is keeping track of contracts, clients, and rates – not to mention invoicing, collections, and making sure everyone gets paid. But MBO Partners handles those details for me. I just focus on recruiting consultants and finding projects for them.”

Bill James presented his consulting start-up case study, and also discussed how teams can effectively market themselves by building their brand. Gene Zaino and Kelly Scherer presented the MBO Teams business model and shared with the audience how to avoid collaboration pitfalls. “The MBO Teams structure can incubate consultancies, from a single person start-up all the way through becoming a thriving multi-person services firm. Meanwhile, MBO Partners is providing the legal, financial, and administrative services required; even business insurance like E&O and General Liability,” concluded Gene Zaino.

The event was part of an ongoing series of workshops for professionals interested in starting a consulting business. MBO Partners hosts small business seminars for their community of consultants and independent contractors; the public is invited to attend.

About MBO Partners

Since 1986, MBO Partners has been making it easy for independent consultants and their clients to work together. With their Portable Employer of Record service powered by MyBizOffice™, MBO Partners is the preferred alternative to self-incorporation for consultants and independent contractors. For organizations that use independent contractors, MBO Partners is the leading Independent Contractor Engagement Specialist (ICES) and the top provider of consultant payrolling, contingent workforce management, 1099 risk mitigation, and independent contractor compliance solutions.

About Bill James and Senior Executive Services, Inc.

Bill James is Executive Vice President of Senior Executive Services, Inc., a management consulting firm providing business development strategies and analysis for companies involved in selling technology products and services to the Federal Government.

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