Thursday, July 9, 2009

Capital BCS Consulting's Services Help Businesses Rise Above Both the Competition and Recession Woes

As the lengthy economic downturn continues, many businesses, from national organizations to smaller local enterprises, need objective, unbiased advice from independent experts to help boost operation efficiency, reduce business risk and make the most of available resources. Capital BCS Consulting is offering services, including its new Comprehensive Business Health Program, to clients across the United States.

"Doing business as usual does not have the same results during a downturn, so you see more of a need for a 'change or fail' attitude," said Richard P. Franetzki, MBC, owner of Capital BCS Consulting. "Consultants can provide missing expertise, objectively identify problems, do the 'dirty work' of layoffs or collections, act as project managers and much more. In fact, according to publications such as Small Business and Consultant, businesses have really reached out to consultants during the last three economic recessions."

Franetzki holds a master's in business consultancy, and before forming his own consulting business, he was a division director at the U.S. Department of Commerce in Washington, D.C. In addition to Capital BCS' regular services, Franetzki has designed a new introductory service, the Comprehensive Business Health Program, to help small and medium-sized business owners, as well as corporate departments, adjust to current economic challenges via a survey of the business, industry research and the development of a realistic action plan that owners and department heads can and will follow.

The audit can be completed in two to four weeks and covers seven critical functions:

Applied to Small/Medium-Businesses:

1. Basic planning.
2. Bookkeeping/accounting practices.
3. Financial planning; loan/debt mgmt.
4. Sales and marketing.
5. Advertising and promotion.
6. Personnel.
7. Production.

Applied to Departments/Lines of Businesses:

1. Strategic planning; goal setting.
2. Reporting; information management.
3. Budget and resource maximization.
4. Communications - internal/external.
5. Areas of specific focus from corporate.
6. Personnel and HR management.
7. Policies and procedures.

"We want to be the first company called when a new business need or challenge surfaces, so we are offering this introductory service at a price that is significantly below its market value," stated Franetzki. The Comprehensive Business Health Program is available for a fixed fee of $2,000, priced significantly below market during Capital BCS' summer campaign to build a larger client base, creating new and lasting relationships with businesses across the U.S.

"We can also provide quality remote consultation outside of our local area without any reduction in results due to location," said Franetzki. "And in every case, Capital BCS pays special attention to providing value and personal attention to our clients."

In addition, Capital BCS offers a list of several client benefits with their consulting programs, which include a free hour of initial consultation to discuss business needs and strategic solutions, and clients are entitled to another two hours of follow-up consultation over the six months following the project's completion. "The weeks immediately following a client's project are so important to their continued success, that we make every effort to be available to support their needs -- without additional cost. We also provide clients with business reference materials as another form of support and training, which comes standard with all of our consulting programs. We really are serious when we say we want to be the first company you call when a new business need/challenge surfaces," said Franetzki.

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