Wednesday, July 15, 2009

AGSI Takes Insourcing to the Mid-Tier Markets

AGSI, a leading Management and IT consulting company has formed a new practice that helps mid-sized companies save money the way their larger competitors do – through INsourcing. Through INsourcing – AGSI effectively runs the day to day operations of a company’s IT organization, offering a seamless approach that not only boosts and streamlines the company’s critical IT strategy but keeps the current staff in place and allows the client to remain focuses on its core business.

Today that is changing as companies are discovering the accessibility to tools and methodologies perfected by the Fortune 500 and now available to be leveraged across the mid market landscape as a means of leveling the playing field. Using their best practices framework, AGSI has produced huge productivity gains for their larger clients and created a turnkey solution now accessible to the mid market in the form an Insource managed service.

AGSI’s INsourcing program allows mid-tier companies to take advantage of the best practices, best people and best waste-reducing measures to achieve a lean, IT organization that can be “right-sized easily adjusting to the real time needs of the business.

About AGSI

AGSI is a Management and Technology Consulting company headquartered in Atlanta, GA. Founded in 1981, AGSI assists companies in achieving sustainable business value by providing the right balance of expertise, business process and technology solutions. AGSI partners with its clients for long-term relationships based on the company's core values of Integrity, Quality and Partnership.

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