Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Minimax Consulting Develops ESPN Bracket Optimizer

Minimax Consulting, one of the pre-eminent mathematical and statistical management consulting organizations, has teamed up with ESPN in order to optimize NCAA Tournament Picks.

Minimax Consulting developed the bracket optimizer as the world's premier tool to maximize expected profits from participation in any March Madness pool. This software utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms, game theory, in addition to all known information from the academic literature, and the results of millions of Monte Carlo simulations.

As the Providence Business News notes: 'The world is awash in numbers. Companies collect oceans of data on their customers, employees and operations, and powerful computers make running sophisticated computations a snap.

But the fact that numbers are ubiquitous does not mean they are truly understood. That's where Minimax Consulting steps in.'

Minimax Consulting has a diverse, and incredibly qualified team of analysts and senior consultants throughout the Americas, ranging from Pennsylvania to Argentina. The firm tends to focus on arbitrage and statistical projects, with contracts with companies such as 'Starbucks, Visa, Booz Allen Hamilton, Smucker's, Harvard Medical School and Lifetime Television.'

"To paraphrase Bill Gates; IQ, not size, matters. Minimax Consulting has the smartest analysts of any firm, anywhere," says Anthony Santa Barbara, Chief Administrative Officer at Minimax Consulting.

About Minimax Consulting

Minimax Consulting is a fast growing statistical consulting firm located at One Financial Plaza in Providence, RI. They specialize in statistical, mathematical, and strategic consulting for diverse clients including ESPN, Fannie Mae, Teach for America, Nielsen, Harvard Medical School, Stanford Medical School, JCPenney, VISA, Starbucks, Smuckers, Cox, Lifetime, and Ecko Unltd. Their team includes statisticians and mathematicians from top tier schools including Harvard, Brown, and Cambridge, to name a few.

You can visit Minimax Consulting's website to learn more about the firm at

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