Wednesday, June 3, 2009

KeyOn Engages Premier Telecom Consultancy

KeyOn Communications Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB:KEYO), one of the largest providers of wireless broadband, satellite video and voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) services in the United States, announced today it has engaged Interactive Broadband Consulting Group, LLC (IBB Consulting) to assist in the company’s application under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 that allocates $7.2 billion to provide broadband access to rural and underserved areas throughout the United States, among other things.

Management expects that if it is successful in its application, funds from the stimulus program will enable KeyOn to extend the reach of its networks to areas contiguous to the company’s existing network footprint. The Company expects to introduce next-generation services by deploying advanced wireless broadband equipment utilizing “WiMAX” (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) technology. The advantages of deploying WiMAX technology, based on a global standard, include higher data speeds, greater spectral efficiency, advanced nomadic services with self-installation features, global economies of scale and forward compatibility with the mobile WiMAX (802.16 (e) standard).

Commenting on the announcement, Jonathan Snyder, President and CEO of KeyOn Communications, stated, “We are extremely pleased to add such a knowledgeable partner to our growing team. As our current operations cover rural populations in 11 states, our application is going to be quite exhaustive. IBB has a great track record in providing quality, in-depth advice to top-tier telecommunications service providers, including most of the top cable companies in the U.S., for the formulation of proposals and the execution of wireless network build strategies. We believe the stimulus program is a watershed event for broadband in the United States and in particular, rural America – we believe KeyOn can play an important role in achieving the goals of the statute.”

Michael Wong, a principal of IBB Consulting commented, “We are pleased to be working with KeyOn on this important initiative. With our extensive track record helping national, regional and emerging operators develop business plans and proposals and the work we have done to date on the ARRA stimulus package, we believe we are ideally suited to support KeyOn. These federal telecommunications stimulus programs are directed towards service providers who will not only deliver next generation broadband services to under-served communities but also deploy “shovel-ready” projects that can be commenced within 120 days from the passage of ARRA. With KeyOn’s existing base of operations, business strategy and ability to deploy networks quickly make it an ideal candidate for participation in the funding.”

About KeyOn Communications Holdings, Inc.

KeyOn Communications Holdings Inc. (OTCBB:KEYO) is one of the largest providers of wireless broadband, satellite and voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) services in the United, primarily targeting underserved markets with populations generally less than 50,000. KeyOn offers broadband services with VoIP and satellite video services to both residential and business subscribers across 11 Western and Midwestern states. Through a combination of organic growth and acquisitions, KeyOn has expanded its network footprint to reach approximately 50,000 square miles and cover nearly 2,500,000 people as well as small-to-medium businesses. With its successful track record of acquiring companies and growing its core subscriber base, KeyOn is one of the leading wireless broadband companies in the United States. Management intends to drive subscriber growth through additional acquisitions as well as organic growth across the company’s expanding footprint by offering bundled services including broadband, video and VoIP and related valuable services such as the Bullseye Club. The company also intends to opportunistically build mobile and/or nomadic WiMAX networks in and around its market footprint. More information on KeyOn can be found at

About Interactive Broadband Consulting Group

Interactive Broadband Consulting Group, LLC (IBB Consulting) is a premier boutique consulting firm serving leading broadband-related product and service providers in the Cable, Mobile, Media and Technology industries. We offer the collective expertise of a team of broadband industry veterans, with world-class industry knowledge and business, technology and operational experience. Throughout the history of the broadband industry, we have helped our clients conceive, build and grow some of the industry's most significant strategic, marketing, product, technology and operational initiatives. More information on IBB Consulting can be found at

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