Friday, June 5, 2009

Deloitte Employees to Aid Hunger, Homelessness

Accounting and consulting firm Deloitte LLP will hold its national day of community service Friday to help city agencies address hunger and homelessness. During the company's 10th annual IMPACT day, more than 700 volunteer projects in 70 cities will provide non-profits with everything from pro bono professional services to manual labor related to beautification and maintenance. In Indianapolis, 175 Deloitte employees will help six non profits by sorting donations, preparing food boxes and cooking meals in addition to landscaping, painting and cleaning.

With charities more concerned than ever about fundraising (see survey from Indiana University below), today Big 4 accounting and consulting firm Deloitte will conduct a day of community service to help city agencies addressing hunger and homelessness.

It's all part of Deloitte's 10th annual IMPACT Day, Deloitte's national day of community service. Across the country Deloitte will run more than 700 volunteer projects in 70 cities, providing non-profits with everything from pro bono professional services to manual labor related to beautification and maintenance. All of Deloitte's 44,000 U.S. employees are encouraged to take part.

In Indianapolis, 175 Deloitte employees clad in blue IMPACT Day t-shirts will help 6 non-profits complete critical projects that otherwise would be difficult to fund. They will sort donations, prepare food boxes and cook meals in addition to landscaping, painting and cleaning.

"IMPACT Day is a salute to Deloitte's decade of service," said Kevin Callon, a director in Deloitte's Indianapolis office. "Today non-profits need our help more than ever, so it's rewarding to give back and draw attention to agencies that are fighting harder than ever to address hunger and homelessness."

Non-profits' concerns over fundraising challenges are hitting new highs, according to a national study by the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University. It's Philanthropic Giving Index, a measurement of how confident non-profit professionals are in raising donations, fell to a new low of 64.8 in December 2008, the most recent measurement taken. In the ten years of the index, scores have ranged from a previous low of 72.3 in 2003 to a high of 96.6 in 1999.

Driving Social Impact and Business Value

In addition to traditional volunteer service, Deloitte's national community involvement program is largely focused on contributing the skills and knowledge of its people to help nonprofits solve common business challenges through skills-based volunteerism.

"We take a long view of community involvement," said Evan Hochberg, national director of community involvement for Deloitte Services LP. "Our goal is to make lasting contributions to our communities that help address important social issues."

Hochberg also noted the business benefits to companies that have compelling community involvement initiatives such as employee recruiting, workplace morale, professional development and the opportunity to showcase knowledge and experience.

"Companies that are deeply engaged in their local communities have a short-hand way to communicate their values, which can make them more attractive employers, business partners and neighbors," Hochberg said.

About Deloitte Community Involvement

Deloitte helps people and communities thrive in three ways:

We leverage our best thinking to strengthen nonprofit capacity by helping with strategic, operational and financial challenges, so nonprofits can help more people and communities faster and better.

We complement our best thinking with financial resources through large-scale grants and regional donations.

We create and share new research, content and insights on ways corporations can leverage skills-based volunteerism.

About Deloitte

As used in this document, Deloitte means Deloitte LLP and Deloitte Services LP, a subsidiary of Deloitte LLP. Please see for a detailed description of the legal structure of Deloitte LLP and its subsidiaries.

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