Friday, June 5, 2009

Allison Bliss Consulting Announces Aid for Entrepreneurs: Online Tool Automates Process of Creating Concise Company Profiles

Reacting to the 663,000 jobs that were lost in the U.S. in March of 20091, and the estimated 6,546 new businesses started up in April, Bay Area agency Allison Bliss Consulting has re-launched its online "Create a Company Profile or Bio" tool that creates an immediate company profile for start-ups, entrepreneurs, and even established firms. The profile tool includes all critical information needed to properly promote a company to potential clients, investors and the media, satisfying the burgeoning demand for immediate-response business services.

"Business owners & managers often struggle to define the complexity of their businesses into one, clear company profile containing the proper information," Bliss explains. "In the current economy, being able to articulate the strengths of a company's offerings and their value proposition is more critical than ever. That's exactly why we developed this simple-to-use, templated tool that works for any kind of business in any industry worldwide. We made it accessible for anyone with a computer - users don't even need special software or writing skills."

Adopted by such diverse businesses as Sheiks in Iran, retailers in Africa, and professional service start-ups in San Francisco, this proprietary online company profile tool asks users a set of questions to collect key data about their company, and to determine its value proposition. This tool delivers a fully written company profile or biography (in English) for companies in any industry and of any size.

Bliss's online tool has been used by thousands of companies worldwide to create profiles that assist in promotional campaigns, for use in media bios, and to submit with business plans for funding. Outside the U.S., the agency's largest users are located in India, Canada and the United Arab Emirates.

About The Agency: Allison Bliss Consulting

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Allison Bliss Consulting is a full-service marketing and communications agency. Their award-winning teams create marketing plans for new companies as well as established corporations, offering design, copywriting, internet marketing and Web 2.0 services. Bliss also teaches the Advanced Marketing classes at the Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center in San Francisco, where her students learn to write company profiles as part of their training.

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