Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mark Logic Announces Winners of 2009 Innovation Awards

Mark Logic® Corporation, provider of the industry's leading XML server, today announced the winners of the 2009 Innovation Awards. These awards were presented by Mark Logic's CEO at a ceremony held today at the company's fifth annual Mark Logic User Conference. The Mark Logic Innovation Awards recognize customers that have demonstrated unique leadership in their use of information access and delivery technologies to build cutting-edge solutions. The 2009 winning organizations include:

Berico Technologies -- Berico started working with Mark Logic last year on an information fusion project for the U.S. Government. Berico has combined multiple sources of information into a single MarkLogic repository. This has allowed the company to streamline their customer's technology infrastructure to quickly deploy new capabilities, which play a key role in helping satisfy the needs of their important mission.

Booz Allen Hamilton -- Booz Allen has been working closely with Mark Logic for the last two years. After the release of MarkLogic Server 4.0 in 2008, Booz Allen quickly adopted the new alerting features to manage time-critical information. This capability provides users with fast access to information, allowing them to make quick decisions and take immediate action. Mark Logic recognizes Booz Allen for its technical vision in finding new and innovative ways of providing solutions to their U.S. Government customers.

Catalyst -- Catalyst is using the MarkLogic Server as the platform for its next generation release of Catalyst CR, one of the fastest and most scalable e-discovery solutions on the market. Catalyst CR delivers sub-second response times on complex searches, powerful review and production work flow capabilities, and the ability to handle hundreds of millions of pages of electronic documents in a single repository.

JetBlue Airways -- JetBlue has implemented a dynamic corporate publications system called BlueGuru, which powers the airline's corporate safety and compliance initiatives. As part of JetBlue University, the company's consolidated learning department, BlueGuru is a vital application. It repackages and delivers critical information to pilots, crews, and administrative personnel charged with maintaining operational compliance in the field.

John Wiley & Sons -- In March 2009, John Wiley & Sons delivered its new publishing application, Wiley Custom Select. College and university instructors can build customized higher education course materials that fit their exact needs in a simple three-step process that takes only minutes to complete. This seamless and user-friendly web application helps educators ensure they have the most relevant textbooks and learning materials for their planned coursework.

Springer -- Springer has launched two products this year based on MarkLogic Server. The first is, a free analytical online tool for discerning trends, patterns, and subject experts within scientific research. This portal currently searches over three million journal articles to deliver a variety of useful information. The second is Exemplar, a complimentary linguistic tool designed to aid the publishing process for authors, editors, and the scientific community at large. Exemplar allows researchers to quickly see how a particular word or phrase is used in peer-reviewed, published literature.

The McGraw-Hill Companies -- BusinessWeek has taken an aggressive approach to transforming its digital products. Business Exchange, a new product launched in recent months, is a site where users can track, create, and participate in business news topics; develop profiles based on interests; and network with other business leaders. This exciting new web offering showcases new community elements, content processing technologies, and agile practices that are now being leveraged across other news products.

"The Mark Logic Innovation Awards recognize leading organizations that have differentiated themselves by using MarkLogic Server to derive value from their content in new and exciting ways," said Dave Kellogg, CEO, Mark Logic Corporation. "Our customers are at the forefront of innovation. We are impressed with their achievements, and are pleased to honor them in this way. We congratulate this year's winners for the vision and hard work that goes into building and delivering revolutionary information applications."

About Mark Logic Corporation

Mark Logic Corporation is the provider of the industry's leading XML server. The company's flagship product, MarkLogic Server, allows customers to store, manage, search, and dynamically deliver content. The company has two patents on its innovative technology and is privately held. Sequoia Capital is the company's lead investor. Mark Logic has garnered several industry awards and recently been named the fourth fastest growing Silicon Valley Software and Information Technology (IT) company in Deloitte's Technology 2008 Fast 50 Program. To read the Mark Logic CEO Blog, visit To learn more about Mark Logic, or to download a free community or trial edition of MarkLogic Server, go to

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