Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Leading Oracle Consulting Firm Rolta's iPerspective(TM) Drives Business Value From SOA Investments

The Rolta SOA Center of Excellence, a software division of Rolta and leading provider of agile service-oriented architecture (SOA) solutions, today announced the availability of iPerspective(TM), a software toolkit that automates the creation and management of web services. Delivered as a part of Rolta's SOA solutions, this software enables fast demonstration of new services capabilities, empowering the essential IT to business communications needed to drive business value from SOA investments. As IT and business stakeholders build service-oriented environments, Rolta's iPerspective(TM) technology quickly adapts existing systems for business users and applications to access standard service interfaces, including Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and Representational State Transfer (REST).

By combining iPerspective(TM) with Rolta's SOA Today(TM) consulting services, companies are given a balanced combination of software, training, consulting and customization techniques to execute a successful SOA implementation for their organization. Rolta advocates an agile approach to SOA that is incrementally implemented, guided by the organization's business strategy. This approach assures the ability to change as business conditions or organizational needs change. It also accommodates situations where most of the information needed for successful SOA is not known up front, but is learned during the building of the SOA.

"Historically, service-oriented architecture implementations have been laborious, expensive, and do not show quick enough return on investment," said Brad Brown, general manager, Rolta SOA Center of Excellence. "Often the projects are deemed failures because the approach was either too monolithic or too large to succeed. With iPerspective(TM) and the incremental approach, IT departments can develop services faster, achieving business application delivery with few new skills required."

Rolta's incremental approach also enables "SOA Federation," a term used to describe an environment where autonomous stakeholders interface and share key elements of technology and data in synergistic ways. iPerspective(TM) makes possible the collection of metrics that facilitate conversations between these stakeholders to improve the measurably productive use of SOA.

iPerspective(TM) features a point-and-click interface allowing IT professionals to create business services in minutes, with minimal effort and without writing any code. They can use these business services to deploy new or existing business applications or prototyping tools quickly, then review the result with the intended business users to ensure the new services meet the business needs.

Additionally, iPerspective(TM) automates the governance and management of services by providing the ability to release auditable groups of related services. For example, versioning or management with security through authentication and authorization is achieved at the data source, service, release and operation levels. iPerspective(TM) also offers the unique Universal Dynamic Query Service. This patent pending technology allows users to issue any authorized query of one or more gateways, through the business services consumer application. This capability provides a versatile, yet secure way for business applications to call one another without having to specify the exact nature of queries to be used up front.

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About the Rolta SOA Center of Excellence

The Rolta SOA Center of Excellence was born out of Rolta's January 2008 purchase of TUSC. Building on TUSC's 20 years of leadership in Oracle consulting, the SOA Center of Excellence delivers value and reduces customer costs through service oriented solutions.

Rolta is a multinational organization that has executed projects in over 40 countries. For over 25 years the Company has been a strong player in the Defense, Government, Infrastructure and Security markets. Rolta serves these markets by providing innovative solutions in Enterprise Information & Communications Technology (EICT), which includes Software Development, Advanced Security, Network Management, Oracle Apps, ERP Consulting and Business Intelligence; Geospatial Information Systems (GIS); and Engineering & Design Services (EDS). Rolta, headquartered in Mumbai, employs over 5,000 professionals with international subsidiaries across the globe. Forbes Global has ranked Rolta amongst the "Best 200 Under a Billion" for four times in six years. The Company is listed on the NSE in cash and F&O segment and forms part of CNX IT, NIFTY Midcap 50 and CNX 500 indices. The Company is also listed on BSE 'A' group and forms part of BSE Midcap, BSE 200, BSE 500, BSE IT and BSE TECK indices. The Company's GDR is listed on the Main Board of London Stock Exchange and its FCCB's are listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange.

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