Thursday, May 7, 2009

Huron Consulting Group Announces Results of Annual Meeting of Stockholders

Huron Consulting Group Inc., a leading provider of business consulting services, announced the results of its annual meeting of stockholders ("Annual Meeting") held earlier today. The Company's stockholders approved Proposals 1 and 3 as set forth in its proxy statement dated March 26, 2009 (the "Proxy Statement"). The approved proposals were:

Proposal 1: The election of two Class II directors: DuBose Ausley and John S.
Proposal 3: The ratification of the appointment of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
as the
Company's independent auditors for the fiscal year
ending December 31, 2009.

Following these votes, the Company adjourned its Annual Meeting without taking any action on Proposal 2, which related to the approval of the Company's 2004 Omnibus Stock Plan, as amended through the second amendment to the plan (as so amended, the "Plan"). As of May 5, approximately 6.6 million votes were cast in favor of approving Proposal 2 and approximately 11.9 million voted against. In response to feedback from certain of the Company's stockholders, the Compensation Committee is evaluating specific changes that will be presented to stockholders in the form of an amended and restated Plan (the "Amended and Restated Plan"). The Annual Meeting has been adjourned to allow the Company to revise Proposal 2 and to provide the Company with additional time to solicit proxies from its stockholders on the revised proposal.

The reconvened Annual Meeting will be held at the Company's corporate offices located at 550 West Van Buren Street, Chicago, Illinois 60607 on June 2, 2009 at 10:00 a.m. Central Time to approve the Amended and Restated Plan.

Only stockholders of record at the close of business on March 10, 2009, the original record date, remain entitled to vote at the reconvened Annual Meeting. The Company will mail revised materials addressing the Amended and Restated Plan and a new proxy card to its stockholders of record as of March 10, 2009, on or about May 15, 2009. Stockholders are urged to read the revised proposal and other relevant documents because they relate to the approval of the Amended and Restated Plan.

Stockholders who need proxy materials are encouraged to contact the Corporate Secretary at 312-583-8790 or During the pendency of the adjourned meeting, stockholders are encouraged to vote on Proposal 2. Valid proxies submitted by the Company's stockholders prior to the May 6, 2009 meeting will continue to be valid for purposes of the reconvened meeting unless revoked as provided in the Proxy Statement and in the amendment.

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