Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Clarkston Consulting Receives Client Satisfaction Rating of 99%

Clarkston Consulting, a leading management and technology consulting firm, is pleased to announce our eighth annual client satisfaction survey results. Clarkston Consulting's 2008 survey yielded an extraordinary industry leading Total Client Satisfaction rating of 99% and a Strong Satisfaction rating of 76%.

At Clarkston Consulting, our entire culture and passion centers in delivering brilliant client service. Our business strategy is built on three pillars of client/employee intimacy, investing in knowledge and experience in our core industry practices, and delivering measurable business results for our world-class clients. To monitor clients' satisfaction, for the past eight years Clarkston engaged outside independent research firms Client Opinions and The Conference Board to obtain an objective and unbiased assessment of yearly performance. The client satisfaction survey highlights Clarkston's strengths, provides further industry insight from client feedback, and summarizes an action plan to address opportunities for improvement.

"We are impressed with the integrity of the Clarkston account and project management leadership. The consultants are excellent individuals that have been able to fit with our culture and work effectively with our business," stated Carl Cichetti, CIO, Seneca Foods. "We have been impressed by Clarkston's experience in the Life Sciences industry," stated Kathy Junod, Sr. Director of I.T., Auxilium Pharmaceuticals.

Clarkston also reports on industry trends and priorities as noted by its Life Sciences and Consumer Products clients within the survey. The key challenges this year for the Consumer Products industry included reigning in of consumer spending, generating new innovative products, and sustainability. Life Sciences clients continue to report the pressures of blockbuster drugs coming off patent, increasing M&A activity, and the pressure to invest in new efficiencies to control costs within existing operations such as supply chain and marketing. In both industries the global economic crisis is impacting their resources, revenues, access to capital and growth potential. Clarkston remains focused on continually building on its industry knowledge and expertise by aligning company strategy, business process, enabling technology, education, and change management to ensure that its clients realize the highest value from their investments.

In a difficult economic climate, maintaining a high level of client satisfaction is key for the growth of our business and that of our clients. Clarkston's client satisfaction rating is the single most important metric tracked. "We remain passionate about being the most sought after consulting firm in the industry. We do this through our depth of real-world and practical industry experience combined with our relentless pursuit of servicing our clients," stated Tom Finegan, co-founder and CEO. "Clarkston is proud of the strong client relationships we have built and the results achieved while remaining determined to continually improve."

About Clarkston Consulting

Clarkston Consulting is a different kind of management and technology consulting firm. We deliver a unique experience for market leaders within the Consumer Products and Life Sciences industries. Considering professionalism, expertise, and value as prerequisites, we take service a step further through our unyielding commitment to the success of people as individuals, both our clients and our stewards. By combining integrity, adaptability, and a whatever-it-takes attitude, we have achieved an extremely high rate of referral and repeat business and an 8-year average client satisfaction rate of 97%.

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