Tuesday, March 24, 2009

TBM Consulting Group Launches New Rapid Rightsizing Practice

TBM Consulting Group, the global business improvement leader for the manufacturing and service sectors, announced today the launch of its new ‘Rapid Rightsizing' practice, which deploys ‘Extreme Lean' SWAT teams to help manufacturers quickly adjust to the current economic downturn.

As access to capital and credit increasingly narrows for the manufacturing community, the need to quickly eliminate “waste,” reduce working capital, and increase cash flow are pivotal to many manufacturers' survival. While layoffs, plant closings and price increases may seem inevitable in this period of economic downturn, they can be mitigated by short-duration projects designed to drive immediate cost reductions or improve cash flow, without sacrificing quality and service levels, TBM's “Rapid Rightsizing” teams are helping companies to quickly align capacity with demand, reduce inventory levels, make assets more productive, and reduce excess costs that consume cash.

TBM's “Rapid Rightsizing” practice is led by Ken Koenemann, a seasoned lean expert with over 25 years manufacturing experience. The SWAT teams are available for deployment on a global scale immediately. Using a mix of lean tools and tactics, the teams will help clients identify and eliminate wasteful activity associated with working capital, underutilized labor or equipment, excess floor space, cost of poor quality, and energy consumption.

Each project ranges from 90-120 days and results in immediate, sustainable improvements including:

15%-50% reduction in raw material inventory

10%-45% reduction in finished goods inventory

30% or greater improvement in productivity

5-10 day reduction in accounts receivable DSO

“The reality right now is that manufacturers are being forced to quickly resize their business due to the rapid constriction of consumer demand for all types of products and services,” says Bill Schwartz, Executive Vice President, TBM Consulting Group. “To help them emerge stronger, ‘Rapid Rightsizing' will allow manufacturers to maintain liquidity and profitability by shining a light on wasted costs they can't see on their own and positions them for growth when the market recovers.”

About TBM Consulting Group

Headquartered in Durham, N.C., TBM Consulting Group is the leading provider of LeanSigma® Consulting and Training Services in North and South America, Europe and Asia. With more than 150 experienced consultants operating on five continents in seven languages across the globe, TBM has grown to be the worldwide leader in “lean innovation” and rapid business improvement in the manufacturing and service sectors. The company's mission is to help discrete and process manufacturers and service companies create a competitive advantage to generate significant growth in sales and earnings. The company provides strategic direction and hands-on implementation to guide cultural and organizational transformation. TBM Consulting Group's LeanSigma approach integrates Lean principles for market agility and responsiveness and Six Sigma's focus on quality. For more information visit www.tbmcg.com.

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