Monday, March 23, 2009

Steelhenge Consulting, Experts in Energy and Utilities Resilience, to Run Series of 'Planning for an Energy Emergency' Workshops with Gemserv

Steelhenge Consulting is delighted to announce that it will be running a series of 'Planning for an Energy Emergency' workshops in partnership with Gemserv. The workshops are designed to update delegates on the current gas and electricity emergency arrangements in light of Government's recently published National Emergency Plan (NEP) for downstream gas and electricity. The energy emergency planning workshops will be based on input from industry experts, such as Mike Gilbert and Andrew Knight (authors of the NEP), guest speakers from Ofgem and DECC, and representatives from national energy suppliers, along with discussion of relevant case studies. For more information, visit or call +44 (0) 1722 345 470.

Mike Gilbert is the Director of Steelhenge's Energy & Utility Resilience Services team, joining Steelhenge after an impressive career in the energy industry in which he specialised in emergency planning. As Head of Emergency Planning for the National Grid, he developed and implemented the emergency framework that enables the National Grid to respond effectively to any disruptive challenge to the business, in particular disruption to gas and electricity supplies. Mike continues to lead the joint industry and government Gas & Electricity Interactions Task Group which has responsibility for further developing and improving the arrangements for managing gas and electricity supply emergencies in the UK.

"These workshops will contain a great deal of information about energy emergency planning," said Mike Gilbert. "This is crucial for the Gemserv delegates as they advise companies that are part of the critical national infrastructure, and therefore must have a framework in place to deal with an energy emergency." When asked about the objectives of the workshops, Mike said "They'll ensure that participants have a comprehensive understanding of the role they play in emergency events, facilitating the implementation of effective and efficient energy emergency arrangements. The workshops will also provide delegates with a thorough understanding of the statutory, regulatory and commercial factors that influence the roles and responsibilities of energy industry players before and during a gas or electricity emergency."

About Steelhenge

Steelhenge Consulting provides end to end business continuity, crisis management and emergency planning services to a broad range of corporate clients internationally, as well as to UK Government Departments, local authorities, the European Commission and NGOs. Steelhenge also delivers specialist services in energy resilience, utility resilience and pandemic planning. Steelhenge has particular expertise in the preparation of people to perform effectively in implementing business continuity plans, and crisis plans and in communicating both internally and externally with stakeholders during crisis.

Established in 2004, with offices in London and Salisbury, Steelhenge is the UK's leader in the delivery of bespoke training and exercises for staff at all levels from the strategic through the tactical to the operational. Steelhenge's consultants have been recruited from a broad range of sectors in order to create a depth of expertise and knowledge across the resilience landscape. All senior staff have operational experience of crises, incidents, emergencies or disasters, enabling them to deliver pragmatic solutions based on real-life experience.

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