Friday, March 20, 2009

Rolta Unveils SOA Today Solutions

The Rolta SOA Center of Excellence, a software division of Rolta and leading provider of agile service-oriented architecture (SOA) solutions, unveiled SOA Today. The SOA Today solution comprises service and software offerings that are customized to quickly deliver business results using a services-oriented approach. Unlike traditional SOA solutions, SOA Today provides customers with rapid return on investment (ROI), due to faster implementation time and an agile approach to managing the transition to service orientation. Additionally, the solution makes possible the use of other innovative services, including: cloud enablement, open virtualization, green computing and managed services.

SOA Today allows IT professionals to quickly align with corporate strategy and business user needs when modernizing their legacy systems and making silo'ed information securely available and re-usable across the enterprise. SOA Today leverages powerful Rolta software that enables rich and efficient interactions with business users. These interactions help IT professionals quickly hone in on business needs and immediately deliver the value required for organizational success in an agile way. By continuously delivering rapid, modular solutions that align with business strategy, SOA Today provides a solid start to creating a services-oriented organization, especially valuable in these challenging economic times.

"With the introduction of SOA Today, we are demonstrating our understanding of customer's needs for an agile SOA solution that deploys faster and smarter and delivers immediate results," said Bradley Brown, General Manager of Rolta's SOA Center of Excellence. "Today's SOA customers are experiencing great pain associated with SOA solutions that don't work. Our agile methodology enables fast turnarounds on creating services in concert with the intended end users - in minutes rather than the days, weeks or even months that it takes with other products - without the need to learn new programming skills."

The SOA Today solution incorporates the following elements of Rolta's consulting services:

  • SOA Boot Camp: A one-day program that educates customers on the fundamentals, principles and approaches to SOA, enterprise application (EA), business process management (BPM) and governance.
  • SOA Visioning: An assessment of the customer's current environment to determine the appropriate SOA roadmap, justification and business case.
  • SOA JumpStart: A rapid application development engagement that demonstrates and produces business-level services, seamless service consumption, enterprise re-usability, and rapid ROI.

These solutions are ideal for customers in a wide variety of industries including healthcare, government and energy. Agile approaches have been shown to be 75% more efficient than traditional waterfall methods used by competing approaches to SOA. Furthermore, by delivering value in a matter of days or weeks - in contrast to the years needed for results by competing approaches to SOA -- government officials can quickly adjust to changes in budget, regulations, mandates or programs. Healthcare companies can deploy electronic medical records systems that intuitively provide value to their users while energy industry project managers can bridge information gaps needed to handle exceptions in real time, reducing project risk.

In a recent SOA engagement Rolta engineers were able in minutes to create a web service that previously took seven days for the customer to create using different tools and methodology. The cost savings on development time, while significant at $100,000 over the typical dozen web services that make up a project, paled in comparison to the increased opportunity to improve time-to-market, reduce wait times and increase user participation in and commitment to design and deployment.

Rolta's team offers the expertise needed by today's customers looking to implement next-generation SOA solutions. Also announced today, the Rolta SOA Center of Excellence recently added industry veteran Jordan Braunstein as SOA Partner. Braunstein joins Rolta from BearingPoint where he led the Public Service SOA practice. The SOA team at Rolta, headquartered in Lakewood, Colorado, includes two of the world's 70 Oracle ACEs, as well as recognized experts in project management, product management and enterprise business development.

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About the Rolta SOA Center of Excellence

The Rolta SOA Center of Excellence was born out of Rolta's January 2008 purchase of TUSC. Building on TUSC's 20 years of leadership in Oracle consulting, the SOA Center of Excellence delivers value and cuts customer costs through service oriented solutions. As an Oracle Certified Advantage Partner (one of only a handful in the US), TUSC provides expert functional and technical solutions in Oracle E-Business Suite Consulting, Business Intelligence / Data Warehousing, Project Management and Implementation Support, Custom Development (includes Fusion Middleware), Oracle DBA and Database Services, Managed Services for Remote DBA and E-Business Suite Support, Oracle Software Licensing, and Oracle Training & Mentoring.

Rolta is a multinational organization that has executed projects in over 40 countries. For over 25 years the Company has been a strong player in the Defense, Government, Infrastructure and Security markets. Rolta serves these markets by providing innovative solutions in Enterprise Information & Communications Technology (EICT), which includes Software Development, Advanced Security, Network Management, Oracle Apps, ERP Consulting and Business Intelligence; Geospatial Information Systems (GIS); and Engineering & Design Services (EDS).

Rolta offers Geospatial Fusion(TM), a unique solution that enables instantaneous integration of various disparate geospatial & non-spatial databases and software applications for generating real-time reports and immediate decision-making. Rolta, headquartered in Mumbai, employs over 5,000 professionals with a countrywide infrastructure and international subsidiaries across the globe.

Forbes Global has ranked Rolta amongst the "Best 200 Under a Billion" for four times in six years. The Company is listed on the NSE in cash and F&O segment and forms part of CNX IT, NIFTY Midcap 50 and CNX 500 indices. The Company is also listed on BSE 'A' group and forms part of BSE Midcap, BSE 200, BSE 500, BSE IT and BSE TECK indices. The Company's GDR is listed on the Main Board of London Stock Exchange and its FCCB's are listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange.

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