Friday, March 20, 2009

Not All Companies Struggling To Retain Customer Loyalty

Not a day goes by that we don't hear about thousands of layoffs, plant closings, shrinking sales, and evaporated profit margins. It is easy to let fear overtake us to the point that it cripples management to the point that their performance becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

The companies that survive and prosper over this period are the ones who refuse to relinquish market share and offer product and service solutions that differentiate them from their competitors. The goal for these companies is to maintain or even grow their sales in new and existing areas and strengthen long term customer relationships. Relationships can be easily strained. Strengthening of relationships can be attained when suppliers or service providers target their daily efforts to address customer expectations. Customers want to avoid the hassle factors. Now more than ever before companies need to redouble their efforts to make it easy to do business with them.

Some companies are seeking to jumpstart their sales by simply cutting prices and selling by what some refer to as brute force. These efforts jeopardize the long term viability of these companies and create no real value for the customer when the service performance is terrible or the product quality is inferior.

Customer value analysis provides companies the ability to influence future customer behavior. Clients of Quality Solutions, Inc. have seen the power of managing the customer value proposition. Quality Solutions, Inc. is providing their clients with state of the art Customer Value Analysis models which provide a complete picture of what drives the purchase and re-purchase intentions of customers and create distinct competitive advantages in terms of service performance and product quality.

There will be winners and losers in this period of upheaval. The winners will be the companies who don't abandon their commitment to customer satisfaction and strive to create higher levels of customer value. Companies such as Midmark Corporation, Olympic Steel, and the Automation Division of Lincoln Electric are utilizing practical tools to define current and emerging customer requirements and offer immediate solutions that put them in a much better position than their competitors to weather the economic storm. Each of these companies is using the management consulting services of Quality Solutions, Inc. to conduct detailed analysis of customer satisfaction and loyalty. In addition to the research provided each is receiving professional business management consulting services to help them implement customer satisfaction improvement plans addressing immediate needs.

Each company has benefited from customized management solutions. All have used the telephone surveys. In the case of Lincoln Electric they have used a combination of approaches including online surveys and business consulting to support their customer loyalty and retention efforts.

Many companies are turning to online surveys as a means of controlling costs and cutting the cycle time of data gathering and analysis along with business management consulting. Quality Solutions offers a complete turnkey solution for their clients including survey design, web hosting, secure email invitations, and detailed reporting. Quality Solutions is also supporting companies selling to international markets by offering affordable custom designed online surveys. Their partnership with Corporate Translations, Inc. enables them to have client surveys translated into 70 or more languages.

Quality Solutions, Inc. has become internationally recognized as a full service management consulting firm. Their services have one goal in mind, "Performance Excellence." Their business management consulting is designed to have immediate and positive impact for their clients. Quality Solutions has provided management consulting services for companies all over the world. Their Market Research services include: design development and administration of Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Market Research Studies, Brand Awareness Studies, Customer Loyalty Assessments, and Focus Group facilitation. These processes are supported by follow-up consultation in the areas of customer retention, customer service, and creating customer value.

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