Friday, March 27, 2009

Menzies Consulting Hosting 'Facebook Fridays' Seminars in April

Strategic messaging and online publishing firm Menzies Consulting, Inc. will be hosting "Facebook Fridays" seminars throughout April to provide live, interactive Q&A on the basics of good public and media relations.

Veteran communicator David D. Menzies, company president, will be available to take questions from members of the business community between 10-11 a.m. on April 3, 10, 17 and 24 on the Menzies Consulting, Inc. Facebook page.

"There are so many good stories out there in the business community, in North Carolina and across the country, but in many cases a business with a great story doesn't know how to tell it so nobody hears about it," Menzies said.

The types of questions Menzies said he usually gets from PR novices have to do with messaging, delivery and audience.

"Often people know what they do but aren't sure how to explain it, much less how to get their message out and who to get it to," he said, adding he will be providing a "PR-101" video presentation link on his company's Facebook page prior to each live chat. The PR-101 piece will cover such topics as public relations tools and methodologies; what news is actually newsworthy; and how to supply media outlets with solid information that is useful to their readers, viewers or listeners.

Menzies said he chose to host the seminars on Facebook due to the business community's growing familiarity with the social networking site in addition to the quality of its interactive features and applications. Many businesses promote "Facebook Fridays" to their workers to allow an hour of free time to decompress after a busy work week.

To participate in the Facebook Friday seminars, individuals need to signup for a free Facebook account and submit a Facebook request to be "friended" by Menzies Consulting. For more information email David Menzies at

About Menzies Consulting, Inc. Menzies Consulting, Inc. is an independent communications consultancy, providing full-service strategic messaging and online publishing solutions that enable our clients to achieve their goals. We help businesses and organizations figure-out what they are trying to say, who they are trying to say it to, and then deliver that message via proven public relations and marketing tools and methodologies. For more information, visit

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