Friday, March 27, 2009

Exervio Management Consulting reaches 137% of ASC Fundraising Goal

Exervio Management Consulting celebrates its 3rd Annual Arts and Science Council (ASC) Campaign which ended March 2nd, 2008. Exervio achieved 137% of its goal to raise $4,100 through company-wide participation.

One of Exervio’s Core Values, Stewardship, is seen through the company’s commitment to the Charlotte community and its growth. Due to the common threads between Exervio’s commitment to the cultural growth of the city and the ASC’s role in the community, the Exervio team continues to show great enthusiasm to support this local philanthropy.

“I am thrilled with not only the participation but also the support exhibited by Exervio and our employees” says Mark Heisig Exervio Management Consulting Partner and Arts and Science Council Board Member. “Our employees continually go above and beyond to support our community and despite the impact economy is having n them, they see the ASC as critical conduit to arts, science and history in Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

About Exervio

Exervio Management Consulting provides process improvement, business and operations analysis and information technology solutions. The company includes over 60 seasoned consulting professionals, with offices in Atlanta and Dallas and headquarters in Charlotte, NC. Exervio delivers value to local clients by deploying small teams to define business strategies, improve operational effectiveness and execute the projects required to achieve results. Additional information is available at

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