Monday, March 16, 2009

Infoway Software is Pleased to Release EmpDoc Manager, Web Based Employee Document Manager

Infoway Software's newly released Web Based Employee Document Manager is specifically designed for IT Consulting and Staffing Industry. EmpDoc Manager offers amazing features and Technology to make your Employee Document Management easier with ZERO complexity. It is completely web based, you and your employees can access documents from anywhere.

Key Features:

* Access employee data and documents anywhere you have an internet connection.
* Create user accounts to give users access to all or only certain folders.
* Upload files of any size using the built in large file upload tool.
* Setup user accounts with various permission levels.
* Run detailed statistics and reports for all users
* Use check-in / check-out functions to maintain control of documents.
* Advanced search feature to search on specific documents and fields.
* File expiration dates to prevent file access after expiry date date.
* Email download links to any files using email feature.
* Upload multiple and large files at once using built in file upload tool.

Hosting and Pricing:

* This can be hosted on your web server or we can provide hosting solutions
* Free installation and training provided with every purchase.

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