Monday, March 16, 2009

Hitachi Consulting Aerospace and Defense Group Managing VP Named to Aviation Week Workforce Survey Advisory Board

Hitachi Consulting Aerospace and Defense (A&D) Practice Managing Vice President Lee Palmer has been named to the 2009 Aviation Week Workforce Advisory Board which oversees the magazine's annual report focused on workforce issues and trends in the A&D industry. Hitachi Consulting also is the exclusive sponsor of this year's survey.

The 2009 Aviation Week Workforce Advisory Board's report, to be released Aug. 24, serves as a single source of reliable data for the A&D industry that analyzes current workforce issues, trends and opportunities in the areas of recruitment, retention, retirement, compensation, diversity, performance, professional development, and open positions. The report provides statistics and, through its advisory board, timely recommendations to A&D companies, such as establishing processes to deal with workforce transformation issues.

Hitachi Consulting joined forces with Aviation Week following the firm's release of a workforce management research report last fall in which ideas for workforce solutions for A&D companies were presented. Palmer, who is a founding member of Hitachi Consulting since its inception in 2000, has more than 18 years experience in business strategy and IT consulting primarily assisting companies resolve issues in revenue management, supply chain management, organizational transformation, systems integration, operations and performance improvement, ERP deployments, and strategic planning and execution.

"It's an honor to be a member of the Advisory Board for this prestigious Aviation Week survey," Palmer said. "The entire industry values these results and I'm encouraged that Hitachi Consulting will be able to share its experience and knowledge on workforce issues with the premier organizations, top executives, and leading companies in the aerospace and defense industry."

"Our industry's increasingly competitive environment demands that we keep up with changing trends to optimize our workforce," said Tom Henricks, president of Aviation Week. "The 13th annual Aviation Week Workforce Study will provide essential intelligence for A&D leaders, managers and employees, and we are pleased that Lee Palmer and Hitachi Consulting recognize the importance of this knowledge and have agreed to work with us on this year's study."

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