Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cambria Consulting Releases On-Demand Customized 360-Degree Feedback Featuring Comparative Rating

Cambria Consulting, Inc., a leading human resources consulting firm and a designer of web-based HR applications, announces the latest release of the Cambria360™, a 360-degree end-to-end enterprise multi-rater feedback solution that offers exceptional accuracy and ease of use. This release features Cambria’s exclusive Comparative Rating process, which enables managers to assess their employees’ competencies and other performance-related criteria much more efficiently and effectively.

Using Comparative Rating, managers can evaluate their direct reports together instead of one at a time. This ability to visually compare everyone against the same performance factors not only requires 50 to 70 percent less time, it also provides more accurate assessments. Entire teams and organizations can be assessed simultaneously, with higher completion rates and without rater fatigue. This is a significant benefit to today’s busy managers who would otherwise be burdened by the cumbersome single-rater process.

Multinational clients in healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, and professional services have implemented Cambria360™ Comparative Rating as their preferred solution for providing feedback to managers and executives. This scalable, customizable assessment tool is available in two versions:

  • Cambria360 OnDemand™. Individuals can register to receive feedback whenever they want, nominate feedback providers, monitor the process, and decide when they have received enough feedback to generate a report.
  • Cambria360 Managed Group. The organization can sign up everyone in a group to go through the assessment process on a schedule and receive feedback reports at the same time — an important advantage when feedback must be completed prior to an event such as a training program or performance review.

Cambria360™ meets the need for a high-performance approach to assessing and developing talent. It provides a valuable and rounded perspective on the performance and potential of individuals as well as groups. Cambria also offers customized development and follow-up solutions to support the Cambria360™ process.

Contact us for more information or to arrange for a demonstration of our powerful, customized approach to 360-degree feedback.

About Cambria Consulting, Inc.

Cambria Consulting, Inc., is a Boston-based consultancy specializing in strategic talent management and organizational assessment. We design and implement workforce and leadership development, performance management, competency modeling, 360-degree assessment, executive coaching, selection systems, organizational surveys, and integrated e-HR applications. For more information, visit

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