Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Vana Consulting Launches Intensive One-Day Talent Management Workshop

Vana Consulting's talent management on-site client workshop will assist participants in understanding key talent management trends, issues facing organizations in today's uncertain economic environment, and developing an implementation plan by aligning talent management and technology strategies for business impact and creating a roadmap for action.

Available on a global basis and for a fraction of the cost of a conference attendance or longer term consulting engagement, the client tailored workshop will help organizations to take immediate and strategic action on talent management initiatives for business success.

Agenda topics for the talent management workshop will cover:

  • Understanding key talent management strategies and technology trends
  • Making progress in 2009 with reduced budgets
  • Talent Management deployment best practices & industry client studies
  • Identify and evaluate your talent management opportunities for business impact
  • Development a priority plan and roadmap for action
  • Building the business case for investment and metrics for success
  • Identify in detail the talent management software vendor landscape
  • Assess best practice on vendor selection, pricing, and negotiation
  • Develop a technology implementation and deployment plan

Focused talent management topics covered will include talent strategy, workforce planning and metrics, talent sourcing and recruitment, performance management, employee engagement, learning & development, compensation, and talent management systems including web 2.0 technologies, social networking & collaboration.

Each participant receives a complete copy of the workshop materials including a completed strategy and technology roadmap plan, business case, and vendor comparison guide, as well as access to the Vana Consulting online community for ongoing collaboration and networking.

For more information and to schedule your talent management workshop, please contact us at info@vanaconsulting.com, or visit us at http://www.vanaconsulting.com.

About Vana Consulting

Vana Consulting is a global management consulting firm focused on creating an engaged, collaborative, and productive workforce by delivering HR, talent management and social networking strategies, technology, and on-demand consulting services. The company enables organizations in defining, creating, and implementing innovative, agile, and fit-for-purpose strategies, supported by the implementation and deployment of enabling technologies to deliver substantial and sustainable competitive advantage from their workforce. Founded in 2008 by senior HR and Technology executives, services include HR and Talent Management strategy and technology consulting, On-Demand subscription based consulting, and the Vana Consulting Community, an exclusive online community where HR, IT and Business Leaders can connect and collaborate with industry peers, network, and receive advice from leading industry experts.

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