Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Galleria Launches Business Consulting Services

Galleria, the leading provider of customer-centric merchandising solutions, today launched its business consulting services division to help retailers and manufacturers enhance their category management initiatives. Galleria’s consulting services include software-based services, business process consulting, training and education. The services are designed to provide customers with cost-effective, customer-centric strategies that result in increased sales, enhanced margins, reduced waste and accelerated inventory turns in a timely, efficient manner. Galleria provides counsel on numerous merchandising strategies, including store clustering and category evaluation, ranking and clustering.

“Our services team has the knowledge and resources to rapidly and effectively help customers improve merchandising operations to ensure the right products are always in the right place in the right capacity,” said John McGiffin, vice president of business consulting, Galleria. “In addition, we have the ability to target specific categories, such as those under pressure, and quickly create store-specific merchandise plans to optimize the category and enhance revenue.”

Focused specifically within the category management sector, each member of Galleria’s seasoned business consulting team averages 15 years space and category management experience. Further, the team has enabled many of the world’s top 20 retailers to become store-specific, with customers including Tesco, Food Lion, Hannaford Bros and Giant Eagle. The knowledge and practical experience gained from working with this diverse group of leading companies enables the team to provide personalized consultation based on each customer’s individual needs.

“Our team knows first hand what works when it comes to customer-centric merchandising,” added McGiffin. “We have the industry-specific knowledge and expertise to help clients operate efficiently at a store-specific level and achieve a strong return on investment.”

About Galleria Retail Technology Solutions

Galleria is the leading provider of customer-centric merchandising solutions. Galleria’s solutions provide value by integrating with clients’ existing systems and resources to deliver the right product to the right stores in the right capacity. The net result is that retailers realize significant benefits including increased sales, enhanced margins, reduced waste/mark-down and accelerated inventory turns. Galleria currently works with customers including Tesco, Food Lion, Hannaford Bros, Giant Eagle and several of the world’s top 20 retailers. It is currently engaged in multiple implementations of its merchandise planning solutions in large-scale live retail environments. For more information about Galleria, visit www.galleria-rts.com or dial 1-866-899-0852.

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