Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Avidiant Consulting Group Launches New Marketing Company

Avidiant Consulting Group, a leader in providing business consulting services for mid-cap to start-up companies, based in Dallas, TX, today announced Avidiant Marketing Group, a new marketing and public relations company.

In making the announcement, Christopher Garcia, Principal noted, "During the last two quarters the biggest issue we've seen with nearly every company is sustained profitable growth. While cost cutting is key, it is essential to consider increased spending in areas that offer the greatest potential for increased sales."

"Bringing marketing/public relations services to our clients has been a priority for Avidiant, the launch of our new company, Avidiant Marketing Group provides the perfect solution," said Garcia.

Avidiant Marketing Group offers communications tools, systems, capabilities to create a marketing plan unique to each business. From the early planning stages of developing and implementing a marketing/public relations plan, to the final analysis and discussion, Avidiant Marketing Group will create relevance through targeted communications.

"Avidiant Consulting Group's new division offers additional tools for businesses to operate smarter, providing companies a solid marketing strategy that is ongoing, creating a foundation to 'grow on' as the economy improves," Garcia noted. "Placing money and man power into finding a solution for a customer or marketplace plan will cultivate those customers and a market niche will likely grow sales as the economy recovers."

Avidiant Marketing Group's mission is to embrace a marketing element with innovative resources key in building value in a company's product, service and exposure. Marketing has evolved dramatically over the years as well as the information platform on how we receive and distribute our marketing.

Avidiant offers a wide array of communications tools, some of those include: website design, branding creation-rejuvenation, blogging, social networking, email campaigns, newsletter management and a full array of public relations and media management tools.

"We have put together a solid experienced team to run the new company. At the helm as President is Tamara Garibay, with Mary Suma on board as Director of Public Relations," said Chris Garcia.

Avidiant Consulting Group & Avidiant Marketing Group

Our qualified CFO and Management teams provide companies with C-level consulting services that range from mid-cap to start-up level. Our approach is to develop and maintain integrated financial and accounting systems, directing, managing, and providing policy guidance for all financial personnel, activities and operations.

Avidiant Marketing Group believes public relations and marketing efforts should employ a focused plan to reach the right media and target audience. Our teams of highly experienced and creative professionals are matched to meet your company or organizations needs and demands.

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