Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Halo Group Consulting, Inc. Adds Homeland Healthcare Administered Associations to Benefit Network

This week Affiliated Workers Association (AWA) and American Association of Professional Drivers (AAOPD) in conjunction with Homeland HealthCare, Inc. (HHC), the program administrator for the two associations, will add 28,000 members to the Halo Group Consulting, Inc. benefit network. The associations’ new product, WeCare Financial, has been added to the list of benefits their members enjoy. The program incorporates financial services bundled in a program provided by Halo Group Consulting, Inc., a subsidiary of Halo Group, Inc.

Halo Group Consulting, Inc. provides financial services in one easy access network of financial tools and solutions designed for implementation by insurance providers, third-party administrators, associations and benefit groups. The tools adopted by HHC for the WeCare Financial product include debt relief, foreclosure avoidance, credit repair, bankruptcy counseling, and financial education. The product is available to members only at a discount. “The WeCare product is designed to provide answers and solutions for today’s financial struggles. We are excited about bringing that service to the two association networks,” offers John Zook, a broker for Halo Group Consulting, Inc. John served as an intermediary between the Associations, HHC and Halo, playing a major part in bringing the four companies together.

HHC is a national third-party administrator whose services and support, to both its brokers and their customers, has been rated as one of the best in the industry. The HHC’s benefit network is utilized by associations such as Affiliated Workers Association (AWA) and American Association of Professional Drivers (AAOPD) who were among the first to implement the program. “It has always been the goal of Homeland to provide affordable benefits that will enrich the lives of the members of the associations we do the administration for,” offers Steven Morgan, Executive Vice President, Homeland HealthCare, Inc. “WeCare Financial addresses a real need that takes us one step further in that direction.”

In addition to expanding their brand, Homeland HealthCare, Inc. has recently leased 15,000 square feet of new space in the Water’s Creek development in Allen, TX a block from Halo’s headquarters. The additional space is another indicator of HHC’s continued success in serving and growing their network. HHC is scheduled to occupy the new space by October 2009.

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Halo Group Consulting, Inc. is designed to offer financial services to individuals through associations, insurance companies, employers and benefit services groups. Through the power of the WeCare initiative, Halo Group Consulting, Inc. provides unparalleled financial assistance for the American consumer. For more information visit

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