Tuesday, January 10, 2012

CommPartners Launches Consulting Division

CommPartners, the leader in creating online education programs, knowledge communities and multimedia events for associations, formally announces the launch of their consulting practice. For more than 17 years, thousands of associations have trusted CommPartners’ solutions to support their online learning and production programs. In introducing a new consulting division, CommPartners brings to its clients independent experts who will help create and implement thoughtful and insightful approaches to planning an organization’s education and engagement strategy.

CommPartners consultants are experts in the fields of education planning and design, social media, social learning, community, conference education and hybrid event programs. “We introduced our consulting division to help clients make intelligent decisions in planning their initiatives” states Chris Urena, Director of Business Development. “Taking a strategic approach helps organizations minimize costly mistakes and ensures well defined strategies to maximize their investment impact.”

Historically, associations have relied on the guidance of consultants for conceiving and planning in-person education and training, networking activities and other traditional member benefit opportunities. With a focus on online education and social media strategy, a new breed of experts has emerged. These thought leaders are specialists in assisting organizations make intelligent program decisions.

CommPartners recognizes the power of creating a well defined strategic plan before investing in services and technology. Proudly, CommPartners provides the following team of consultants:

Emilie Barta, Hybrid Event Strategist and Virtual Emcee
Lindy Dreyer, Social Media & Social Learning Strategist
Kathleen Edwards, CAE, Professional Development Strategist and Instructional Designer
Maddie Grant, CAE, Social Media & Social Learning Strategist

CommPartners anticipates a positive reception from clients and the association community. Expect to see much from this dynamic group in 2012. Apart from working with clients, the consultants will contribute as session leaders (onsite and online), facilitate training and clinic programs, and share expertise via blogs, whitepapers and social media. For more information about CommPartners Consulting Division, click here.

CommPartners, headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, are experts in helping organizations create exceptional online education experiences through its webinar and webcast production services, interactive hybrid events, mobile webcasting, blended learning classes, SCORM compliant courses and conference production services. CommPartners has served thousands of associations and businesses since 1994.

For more information, please visit http://www.commpartners.com.

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