Wednesday, September 14, 2011

NYC Recruitment Agency Graduate Consulting to Introduce Flat Rate Service

Graduate Consulting, a leading provider of professional staffing services, today introduced a flat rate policy. The bold move is designed to provide more flexible recruitment models in a time of economic uncertainty.

"As businesses are increasingly cost conscious, recruiting talent at twenty percent commission against salary is simply not effective, and quite frankly cost prohibitive. While every business has its own set of cost circumstances, the staffing industry needs to constantly think of best ways to provide customer value," says Henok Kidane, Managing Director of Graduate Consulting.

Graduate Consulting is already seeing an increasing interest for its flat rate service and has been asked to find C-Suite talent for a large UK-based company and its US operations.

Cloud Kingdom, one of the company's clients with offices in US and offshore, praise Graduate Consulting for daring to be different.

"An overhaul of the New York recruitment community and commission rates is long overdue. Graduate Consulting is offering a refreshing and innovative approach to direct placement that makes them extremely competitive over commission based agencies," says Walker Thompson, VP of HR at Cloud Kingdom PR.

As Graduate Consulting is cementing itself as the new breed of New York-based recruitment agencies, it looks beyond traditional recruitment services. Candidates are pre-screened according to global standards so that only the most qualified candidates will be forwarded to clients.

"We view each client relationship as a partnership and creatively seek ways to solve their problems. Whether you are looking to recruit at C Suite- or specialist-levels, Graduate Consulting is about offering flexibility and responsiveness to client needs, including a flexible pricing model," says Henok Kidane.

Consultation is free of charge. Graduate Consulting handles all HR functions, from recruiting, in-depth interviews, skills evaluation, and reference and background check.

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About Graduate Consulting

Graduate Consulting is a Recruitment Agency specialized in Finance, Accounting, Legal, Marketing and Information Technology. With over a decade of staffing experience, the staff members of Graduate Consulting have direct experience with companies such as UBS, ABB and the New York Times.

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