Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kennedy Research Names ZS Associates' Healthcare Practice as a Top Provider of Marketing & Sales Services to the Industry

Kennedy Consulting Research & Advisory identified global consulting firm ZS Associates as one of the world's top marketing and sales consulting firms serving the healthcare industry.

In its "Healthcare Consulting Marketplace 2010-2013" report released this spring, the market intelligence firm known for its research for and about the management and IT consulting professions recognized ZS Associates' healthcare practice as a standout in the healthcare consulting industry. Kennedy identified ZS as a "Vanguard provider in life sciences" and the only such firm to display "advancing service breadth or depth."

In the report covering more than 20 companies, Kennedy indicated the life sciences consulting practices of six firms — including ZS Associates, McKinsey & Co. and Accenture— had the broadest or deepest services. ZS was cited as offering "deep strategic and operational advice in quantitative analysis of sales and marketing challenges." Kennedy reserves its Vanguard recognition for the most powerful consultancies across major industry segments.

"We appreciate Kennedy's recognition of our unique position and success in helping life sciences companies solve some of their most pressing marketing and sales problems," said ZS Associates' Managing Director Jaideep Bajaj. "As a result of our client partnerships — many of which have lasted almost 30 years — ZS has grown dramatically. We have offices around the world and have broadened our services to include specialized marketing and sales software, business intelligence, client-capability building and outsourcing solutions. While healthcare is a very important practice area for the firm, we also partner with companies in other industries that confront many of the same challenges."

Well Known for Intellectual Capital

Kennedy identified ZS Associates' healthcare practice for its expertise in two areas of healthcare consulting: 1) sales, distribution and CRM; and 2) performance and portfolio optimization. Kennedy also recognized ZS for its service offerings in strategy and operations management, awarding the firm high marks for its strong proprietary data, data analysis capabilities and quantitative methodology that draws from the firm's heavy and continuous investment in information technology.

Kennedy described ZS Associates as well known for its intellectual capital and noted the complex sales force-related challenges that its founders, Andy Zoltners and Prabha Sinha, addressed comprehensively in a series of books dedicated to the topic. Kennedy said it expects ZS will continue to grow quickly based on the firm's deep expertise in sales force optimization.

"Healthcare companies are looking for ways to better manage their product portfolios – from development and licensing through launch and into lifecycle management," said Chris Wright, Managing Principal for ZS Associates' Global Pharmaceuticals Practice. "Our expanding suite of marketing and sales related services and products, combined with our nearly 30 years of experience in the industry, make ZS an ideal partner."

Source: Kennedy Consulting Research & Advisory; Healthcare Consulting Marketplace 2010-2013: Key Trends, Profiles and Forecasts; © Kennedy Information, LLC.

About ZS Associates

ZS Associates is one of the largest global firms focused on sales and marketing effectiveness. ZS combines deep expertise with rigorous, fact-based analysis to deliver management, business operations and technology consulting to help companies improve performance and results.

With 19 offices around the world, ZS Associates has worked with more than 700 companies in 70 countries across consumer products, energy, high-tech, insurance, medical products and services, pharmaceuticals and other industries. Founded in 1983, ZS comprises multiple affiliated legal entities. Find more at

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