Thursday, July 7, 2011

AHEB Investment Group Now Offering Business Management Consulting Services

AHEB Investment Group recently announced the launch of its new business management consulting services, designed to complement its recently introduced services for business planning development. These newly available services are designed to complement the recently launched business plan development options and increase the supporting services AHEB can provide to its clients, which include many start up businesses or companies in stages of growth or development.

As well as assisting with development of financing plans, budgeting and cash flow analysis, AHEB Investment Group is now also in a position to help businesses with the creation, and implementation of their complete business strategy, development and growth, whether that is new product development or new market development and innovative diversification strategies.

The company’s past experience in this sector is a major competitive advantage they bring to the table in a highly competitive market. Managing Director Mr Charalambous is keen to point out that these services can be used by any type of company regardless of their stage of growth or success so far. “Our aim is to be more than just a financial consulting firm, but to offer valued business and management consulting services, based on our many years’ experience advising and assisting business of all sizes, in various stages of their growth and in global marketplaces. We understand the pressures and challenges of complex strategy for start-ups in a growth period, as well as those considerations for a global business seeking to develop and grow in new markets abroad.”

As well as their first hand experience, AHEB promise to provide a different approach to consulting, designed to suit those businesses that want a long term and mutually beneficial relationship with their consulting firms. The company will also be able to provide marketing and sales support services, including development and creation of important tools such as presentations and marketing sales initiatives. This is in addition to the already very popular services such as budgeting, financial assessment of the business and cash flow consulting.

Some of the frequently requested services are related to strategy and alignment of business strengths to market opportunities in order to allow strategic focus in the right direction. Aside from this however, AHEB has been providing much value with its highly sought financial consulting services. These include financial planning facilities such as financial statements, company budgets and cashflow preparations which are an essential tool for any business.

There are also niche services for start ups, designed to assist with businesses in the early phases of their growth and to assist them with their strategic choices and the best way to structure and develop their strategy, team, management, marketing and finance in order to set, measure and achieve their goals.

“AHEB aims to be different in its approach to its business consulting services”, explains Charalambous. “The practical hands on experience that our team at AHEB has through assisting businesses of different sizes and market situations means that we can provide an increased understanding of their situations and tailored advice and solutions for their needs. “

AHEB also plans to approach the consulting with a partnership perspective. Rather than merely presenting a report with their analysis and findings, AHEB are seeking to remain involved with their clients, in the implementation of their report recommendations and throughout the period of evaluation to ensure results.

Charalambous says this is key to the AHEB ethos. “Our strategy as a company is to be an invaluable asset to our clients and to work as part of their team rather than an external consultant. This allows us to see our projects through to the end and gives our client added reassurance that we have a vested interest in the success of their business.”

Any businesses, entrepreneurs or project owners interested in learning more about how the new AHEB Investment Group services can help their businesses are invited to contact AHEB Investment Group.

About AHEB Investment Group

AHEB Investment Group was founded in 2008 to provide professional support and consulting regarding financing to businesses of large and medium size but also start up enterprises. AHEB specializes in assisting the development of large commercial and industrial projects by offering financing solutions and advisory support. Successful projects include real estate developments, construction including large hotels, energy based projects covering power plants and oil rigs with other major purchases of ships and aircraft. For further information about AHEB Investment Group, visit

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