Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Acuity and PACE Claims Services Enter Strategic Alliance to Provide Integrated Solutions for Mass Tort Clients

Acuity Management Solutions, a leading provider of web-based legal management tools, announced today that it has entered into a strategic alliance with PACE Claims Services LLC (“PACE”), a subsidiary of Navigant Consulting, Inc., to provide integrated, streamlined web-based management tools unique to class action and mass tort needs. The alliance between PACE and Acuity enables clients with class action or mass tort litigation to easily manage their workflow processes. PACE is the recognized leader in mass tort claims administration.

Mass tort and class action litigation present unusual challenges to legal defense teams. The mere volume and repetitiveness of the legal services being performed and the data being managed can render most “off-the-shelf” legal management and invoicing products useless. However, PACE’s deep experience in managing claim data for the asbestos and silica litigants, coupled with Acuity’s flexible solutions for handling litigation on-line, have resulted in an elegant and streamlined solution.

“We began working together in 2006, at the time assisting one mass tort defendant with claims management, e-billing and related extranet services. The challenge for in-house counsel and insurers monitoring the defense of these claims is one of volume – how do you effectively review and manage these claims both individually and as a whole, so that you can see the forest as well as the trees,” noted Kelley Johnston, President and CEO of Acuity. “Working with PACE, we developed interfaces that enable our joint clients to access legal spend information at claim and lawsuit levels, and at firm and regional levels, giving them tools and reports to analyze and better manage their defense costs both granularly and globally from their desktops.”

Since 2010, PACE and Acuity have implemented numerous systems for corporate clients and insurers managing mass tort litigation. The seamless integration of the companies’ services now makes implementations swift and efficient. Bill Alesio, a Managing Director at PACE, notes, “The PACE team has been assisting mass tort defendant companies and their insurers for over 25 years. We have always been committed to delivering the most responsive and custom-tailored technology solutions to our clients in order to minimize the time and cost associated with their litigation management efforts. Our alliance with Acuity now enables us to make the best e-billing and claims management tools available to our mass tort clients.”

Through the alliance, clients can now review their claim information, share data and documents with their outside counsel in one central location, and utilize a system that effectively manages the complex invoicing process associated with mass tort litigation.

About PACE Claims Services

PACE Claims Services LLC, a subsidiary of Navigant Consulting, Inc., is a recognized leader in mass tort claims administration. PACE began in the early 1980s supporting clients facing asbestos data management and claims administration challenges. These clients include defendant companies, insurers, financial institutions and other entities. By combining the proven experience of PACE professionals with modern systems and technology, the company is able to provide its clients with a cost-effective solution to address mass tort litigation needs while enhancing our clients’ ability to achieve better claim outcomes. To learn more about PACE, visit

About Acuity Management Solutions

Acuity Management Solutions was launched in 1996 as the first web-based legal collaboration and management service. Originally called TrialNet, Incorporated, the company offers advanced web-based technology to facilitate better legal management and cost cutting strategies for corporate legal and insurance claims departments. Acuity’s web-based legal management tools include E-Billing, Matter Management, Collaborative Databases, and VendorConnect cost management tools. To learn more about Acuity Management Solutions, visit

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