Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Revolutions Medical Hires Oxley Consulting, LLC to Address the Federal Government's Safety Syringe Market

Revolutions Medical Corporation (OTCQB:RMCP) has strategically hired Oxley Consulting, LLC ("Oxley"), to provide access to their network of relationships to assist the Company with procuring sales opportunities for the Company with Federal agencies. Located in Washington, D.C., Oxley will also introduce the Company to commercial opportunities in the growing safety syringe market.

Ron Wheet, CEO and Chairman, Revolutions Medical, stated, "It has been over 10 years since the Needle Stick Safety and Prevention Act of 2000 has been signed into law, which has laid the groundwork for innovative companies to invest time, money and resources into providing a safe, easy to use and cost competitive safety syringe that has been designed with healthcare workers in mind. The RevVac auto retractable vacuum safety syringe is now available to address this market need. It is my belief that all federal and military healthcare personnel should not have to worry about accidental needle sticks and the possibility of contracting a debilitating or deadly disease. Oxley provides us with a great opportunity to have an experienced, well known firm bring our quality products to this growing market."

"Our firm is very pleased to bring Revolutions Medical Corporation's new, FDA cleared, RevVac auto retractable vacuum safety syringe to the federal marketplace," said Elvis Oxley, President of Oxley Consulting, LLC. He continued, "Multiple federal agencies procure millions of dollars of syringes each year and they are obligated to make 23% of those purchases via small businesses such as Revolutions Medical. RevVac safety syringes are unique, patented, competitively priced and are demonstrated to virtually eliminate needle stick injuries – all positives in the eyes of medical equipment acquisition personnel."

About Oxley Consulting, LLC

Oxley Consulting, LLC provides capital partners, political intelligence and government marketing strategies to enterprising emerging growth companies. Oxley delivers quantifiable results for clients seeking to enhance their top line sales. Oxley leverages its extensive network of Federal officials, business executives, and investors in order to capitalize on the unique business opportunities that present themselves in Washington, DC, both governmental and commercial. Oxley has been helping enterprise companies enter government sales since 2006 and was recently awarded HUBZone status by the US Small Business Administration (SBA). For more information, please visit Oxley's corporate website at

About Revolutions Medical Corporation

Revolutions Medical is a safety medical device and software application company. Its products include the RevVac™ Safety Syringe (FDA cleared), safety blood drawing device, the RevColor™, RevDisplay™ and Rev3D™ software tools that are compatible with standard MRIs and standard Picture Archiving Computer Systems (PACS). The Company also has an exclusive license to a Breast Biopsy System (BBS), preliminary called RevTrack (FDA cleared).

For additional information, please visit Revolutions Medical corporate website:

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