Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tri-Sys Consulting Announces the Launch of

Tri-Sys Consulting announces the launch of their new website mvCommunitymap - This site is designed to aid the multi-value database community by providing a public forum that will show the extent and diversity of the multi-value database community.

The multi-value database community has always been kept a very closed community, due mostly to lack of national marketing, minimal exposure in education and a natural fear of feeding the competition. Yet, despite this, the multi-value market grew to hundreds of thousands of users around the world. The days of having end-users live in anonymity are long past - the practice has done more harm than good.

It is the goal of to finally bring into a single database, the majority of multi-value users and businesses and to be able to provide everyone with a visual representation of the mvCommunity as a whole. The site is designed to be a tool that can be used by end-users and vendors of a multi-value database. End-users will now have a way to identify their local support network as well as other users in the vicinity. Vendors will have a tool that allows them to showcase not only their user base, but also their areas of expertise to all users. is being launched with just a fraction of the multi-value database community being represented. "The real strength is going to come from community contributions that will eventually identify all the end-users, developers and vendors in the multi-value database community around the world, " says Curt Stewart, founder of Tri-sys Consulting and "We expect to pass 2000 members within 3 months of launching."

Get on the map today - visit our site and make your presence known The website is freely accessible and is supported by community advertising. also offers support services through their parent company, Tri-Sys Consulting.

Tri-Sys Consulting ( has been servicing the multi-value database community since 2002. Our team of consultants have more than 30 years experience in the industry, providing and maintaining custom applications and database solutions.

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