Friday, March 4, 2011

Title Consulting (TITL) Finalizes Merger With PresentAll

Title Consulting Services, Inc. (PINK SHEETS:TITL), Accu Title Agency is pleased to announce that the company's merger with PresentAll has been finalized.

The new PresentAll subsidiary is a browser-based web-conferencing software company that is quite profitable. TITL management looks forward to a profitable future in the high-tech industry and growing revenues with this new subsidiary in hand.
The managements of TITL and PresentAll will continue to discuss the opportunities in mutual cooperation and decide on the best way for further expansion into high-tech market.

TITL CEO Dustin Secor stated: "We want to create close cooperation between the two companies and see what we can achieve by joining forces and what new growth avenues we can work together on to create a stronger TITL -- which as we already stated will change its name to better reflect our branching business interests. These are fast and exciting times for us, and we seek to follow through on this plan."

The PresentAll merger brings TITL one step closer to its goal of being a conglomerate encompassing real estate and technology, and possibly other sectors in the future as opportunities arise. TITL seeks diversity and new avenues for growth, increased revenues and additional value for the company and its shareholders.

TITL has several other projects in the works, including a recently announced high-tech smartphone merger (

The company will keep investors updated as its journey continues.

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