Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hi Score Enters Agreement With Weinberger Consulting

Hi Score Corporation (PINKSHEETS: HSCO) announced today that it has entered into a consulting agreement with Weinberger Consulting of Jupiter, Florida. The agreement with Weinberger is yet another step by the company to move toward meeting its sales goals. Weinberger will help the company secure non-toxic financing. The Purchase Order and Invoice financing will allow the company to accept several substantial sales orders that are ready to be written in the next few weeks.

Weinberger Consulting is headed up by Mr. Eric Weinberger. Mr. Weinberger holds a MBA from the University of Miami and has extensive experience in growing micro-cap size operations. In addition to working on securing funding, he will be using his experience and expertise in Management and Business Development to help make sure that the company goals and targets are met.

"I have studied the business model and spent enough time with the management team to get a sense as to where the company is headed," said Mr. Weinberger. "These guys have been through the fire and now appear to be prepared to lead the company to new heights. I feel very confident that I can help the company obtain reasonable funding for purchasing products that they need to fill orders... funding that will not cause the price per share of the stock to suffer... their business plan is solid. They just need a little funding... as I said, I am confident that I can help."

Previously, COO Dominick Falso predicted that "Hi Score sales should reach at least 500k in volume per quarter by the second quarter of 2011." Mr. Falso confirmed his confidence in this goal and went on to say that "Solid Financing is key... and I believe that Eric (Weinberger) is the right guy to help us get there."

About Hi Score

Hi Score Corporation is a supplier of eco-friendly lighting products in the Western Hemisphere. It offers its customers the fiscal and ecological practicality of utilizing safe, efficient, solid state green lighting rather than conventional fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. The Company offers the widest selection of high quality, long lasting LED lighting products that that can replace existing incandescent, fluorescent and halogen bulbs as well as compact fluorescent lights. Additionally the Company offers Compact Fluorescent and Halogen Lighting under its EcoGreenBulb and REPCO Labels, respectively. The Company sells its products directly to distributors, consumers, businesses as well as to municipalities.

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