Thursday, February 17, 2011

Management Consulting Firm IPR Announces Partnership with Bilander Group

International Planning & Research (IPR), a Boston based Management Consulting company, announced today a partnership with the Bilander Group to transform the way companies view and analyze market, economic, demographic and company data in a single software application using unique data integration and visualization technology. "We are proud to announce a new joint business intelligence solution with Bilander Group called, ‘IPR Business Intelligence Solution powered by Binocle'," said Joe Gatto, Managing Director - Consulting Services, International Planning & Research.

Get ready to launch your business analysis to an entirely new level with IPR Business Intelligence powered by Binocle. Together, IPR and Bilander Group catapult data integration and data visualization to the next level.

In today's knowledge-based economy the key to corporate success lies in accurate data analysis that provides business insights. Executives and managers worldwide base their fundamental business decisions upon aggregated information regarding sales, market growth, customer relations, employee performance, etc. This wealth of data, if not carefully managed and consistently designed, is often underutilized or ignored as unreliable for decision making. Reports extracted from independent systems impede enterprise-wide analyses which can uncover threats or opportunities and trigger necessary changes leading to significant performance improvement.

"We tested over 40 BI solutions to find a superior visualization and analysis tool for our rich market data products and solutions. The Bilander Group understands how to extract the intelligence contained in market data. Binocle is the best data visualization and analytic tool on the market," says Nancy Hopkins, Managing Director - Client Advisory Services, International Planning & Research.

"The IPR Business Intelligence Solution powered by Binocle provides the fastest way to integrate disparate data and to visualize patterns of success or concern in the business," says Bob Scott, president and founder of Binocle, Bilander Group.

The IPR Business Intelligence Solution powered by Binocle is ideal for:

• Executives who wish to view Corporate or Division Dashboards, Scorecards, KPIs and Strategies in a single application - on Web, Mobile or desktop

• Analysts who wish to dig into several data sets within an easy-to-use business intelligence application to develop valuable market insights, and to create and share Dashboards, Scorecards, KPI's and Strategies

• Corporate-wide collaboration, access and integration of sales, marketing, competitor and forecasting data into a single application: Strategy, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Operations, Supply Chain, Market Intelligence, Customer Intelligence and Competitor Intelligence across the globe

And there's much, much more. This new Business Intelligence solution:

• Provides immediate access to integrated data and visual insights

• Gives live Web or Mobile access as well as traditional desktop - to the same reports

• Alerts executives, managers and analysts when Key Indicators are "exceeded" or "out of bounds"

• Allows 1000's of "approved viewers" across the corporation to access the BI application over the web

• Allows analysts to create dashboards, select and manipulate data in a single application

• Utilizes "drop and drag" and "drill down" capabilities

• Allows LIVE Web pages, data and other software objects (Word, Excel, PDF, PPT) to be incorporated into dashboards

• Automates production of annual reports, board packets, business plans, market forecasts, management reports, sales performance, strategies and market intelligence reports

International Planning & Research (IPR), founded in 1978 by market planners from Xerox, specializes in providing high-quality, cost-effective, customized solutions to solve the most complex strategic planning, marketing and research problems facing organizations today. IPR works with clients to develop solutions associated with a wide range of international business strategy, operations, transformation, organization, market sizing, economic forecasting, customer opportunity analysis, product design and pricing issues. IPR has helped many of the world's leading multinational corporations, including Adobe, Apple, AT&T, Autodesk, Canon, Dell, Epson, Google, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, KB Home, Microsoft, NCR, Samsung, Unisys, and Western Union. For more information about IPR, please visit

Bilander Group (BG) has over 25 years of experience in the information business. With a focus on building dependable data collection and distribution systems, BG provides unique end user appreciation for high standards of data quality. Its background in designing and building analytic software and workflow applications provides a basis for providing powerful but useable software. For more information about BG, please visit

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