Friday, September 10, 2010

The Alliance Group Consulting Joins the InNetwork at Innovation Enablers

Innovation Enablers, an industry champion whose innovation modeling practices help clients find their soul of innovation® through aligning an organization’s goals, teams, culture and resources to achieve sustainable growth, and The Alliance Group Consulting (TAG) who are experienced, veteran CIOs driving the convergence of business and IT capabilities, helping fellow CIOs create business impact from their IT investments, today announced that TAG would join the InNetwork at Innovation Enablers, an IBM Business Partner at the forefront of bringing innovation design services to the marketplace and helping clients “think bigger”.

“We deeply value our relationship with TAG as our second InNetwork member,” said Suchita R. Todi, Chief Executive Officer of Innovation Enablers. “It’s apparent that the depth of knowledge and experience Peter and his team use to deliver winning results have made TAG’s clients very satisfied customers. We, in turn, are delighted to provide TAG with our team of professionals who are experienced with cutting edge, value-creating approaches to IT, and to join with them in our mission to deliver innovative offerings for every CIOs’ IT investment portfolio which will better align with its corresponding CEO agenda.”

“Innovation Enablers and their CEO, Suchita R. Todi, represent a proven style of delivering measurable business value to today's, perpetually challenged business leadership, via a combination of IE’s innovative business process methodology experience, complemented by Innovation Enablers’ bold yet carefully structured services,” said Peter Julian, TAG’s President. “TAG has long been known for its leadership in IT strategy. Together, with Innovation Enablers, known for its corporate strategy and business creativity, this partnership will better enable us to deliver innovative approaches to the optimization of technology and business,” said Thomas Loane, Vice President at TAG.

Innovation Enablers and TAG are a great team focused on expanding the role of Chief Information Officer into Chief Innovation Officer. Our services will makeover the CIO’s office from an operations and cost structure into a critical contributor to the business, delivering business value and improving the company’s overall performance. The role of IT is evolving with the changing economic times; technology today is not about software, servers and storage but instead, how it can transform the business for greater growth and profitability.

About Innovation Enablers

Based in suburban, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Innovation Enablers is a firm who inspires clients to become more receptive to cultural and market trends, and helps the client apply this knowledge in forward-thinking ways to generate groundbreaking and desirable products and services for their clients. Our offerings help align an organization’s goals, teams, culture and resources in order to achieve sustainable growth. We focus on building solutions around 3 core components [Business, technology and culture]. Outcomes include strategic roadmaps, business plans, internal innovations, portfolio strategies, and partnerships. Our Innovation Domains are: Growth & Productivity, People & Collaboration, Technology & Infrastructure and Consumer Empathy.

About TAG

Founded in 2002 and located in suburban Philadelphia, Pa., The Alliance Group Consulting LLC- TAG consists of global Information Technology executives who advise every CIO. TAG resources are intimately familiar with the challenges, issues and pain points that CIO and IT Leaders, their staff and respective user community continually experience. This team brings an effective blend of functional and technical experience that delivers both tactical and strategic business value to the enterprise aligning technology resources for growth and profit. We emphasize business and IT alignment as the way to maximize business profit. We are equally comfortable in articulating and addressing issues from the computer room to the boardroom.

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