Friday, September 25, 2009

Research and Markets: GL-GH Merger: Wind Consultancy Industry in Consolidation Path

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of GlobalData's new company profile "GL-GH Merger: Wind Consultancy Industry in Consolidation Path" to their offering.

GL-GH Merger: Wind Consultancy Industry in Consolidation Path

The wind technology consultancy industry is heading for increased consolidation with the mammoth takeover deal between Germanischer Lloyd (GL) and Garrad Hassan (GH). GL bought out GH to become a comprehensive provider of all wind technology consulting solutions throughout the life-cycle of wind installation. Wind market participants can now have all the technology consulting services they want under one roof. The newly-created entity is at an advantageous position in terms of customer base and expanded service offering. The company's expanded skill set and customer base is expected to result in a significant revenue growth. However, does this really make a difference in the industry? How important is becoming a one-stop-shop solutions provider in wind consulting services?


Review of the wind consultancy industry
Analysis of the companies involved in the merger - Garrad Hassan (GH) and Germanischer Lloyd (GL)
Study of the strategic rationale and impact assessment of the merger
Reasons to buy

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Key Topics Covered:

1 Contents

2 Viewpoint

3 GL-GH Merger: Wind Consultancy Industry in Consolidation Route

3.1 Overlaps and Complementary Fit

3.2 Competitive Analysis

3.3 The Need for All Services under One Umbrella

3.4 How the Merger Will Affect the Market

3.5 How the Merger will Influence the Client Base of Merged Companies

3.6 Integration and Future Company Structure

4 Appendix

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