Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Meridian Aviation Consulting Offers 34 Helicopters For Sale and Lease

Meridian Aviation Consulting, a division of Meridian Consulting L.L.C., with deep expertise in the rotor wing industry as a consulting & brokerage firm, is now offering 34 helicopters for sale and lease with an estimated market value of over $30 Million.

Michael Bashlor, President of Meridian Consulting L.L.C. said, "Meridian Consulting offers a full spectrum of helicopter services. This includes Brokerage and Sales, Quality Control Audits, Maintenance Auditing, Operational Budgets, Merger & Acquisition Services, Litigation Support, Completions, Maintenance & Pre-buy Inspections, and Training and Human Factors. We keep our Clients' best interests in mind, making relationship-based deals where everybody wins. Based on our long industry track record, we deliver unique business solutions that help clients sell helicopters, improve operations, and improve profits. This philosophy is in our DNA."

Meridian Consulting L.L.C., with offices in Fort Worth, Texas is led by Michael Bashlor, a 27 year veteran of the helicopter business. As Vice President and President of some of the largest helicopter operators and maintenance facilities in the United States, he has overseen and managed considerable growth and renewal programs for several market-leading rotorcraft companies. Meridian brings that level of expertise to its clients and to the helicopter sales process.

For more information visit: www.meridianaviationconsulting.com.

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