Friday, September 4, 2009

Colibrium Partners Announces Tuo™

Colibrium Partners, LLC announced today the launch of the Tuo™ Product Suite. The Tuo™ Suite will provide business capabilities not available in the insurance industry today. Colibrium Partners Consulting, an industry innovator, will continue to provide strategic, business and IT consulting services as well as industry leading benchmarking efforts. Tuo™, a Latin derivation of “your”, solves the challenges presented by dynamic regulatory changes and the pressures of the competitive insurance marketplace. Tuo™ provides you with the tools to move proactively and react quickly to meet the needs of your customers and capitalize on opportunities. Tuo™ provides health insurers a best-in-class business-configurable solution that belongs to and is driven by the people that use it, eliminating costly development cycles. The Tuo™ Product Suite currently includes the following:

Tuo™ Underwriting
Tuo™ Risk Profiler
Tuo™ Enrollment
Tuo™ Rating
Tuo™ Portal

The Colibrium Partners Technical Framework, which has been successfully deployed for many of the largest Health Insurance Companies, provides the foundation of the Tuo™ Product suite.

“Automation in the health insurance industry has always presented a huge challenge in an increasingly changing world. Those able to adapt rating methodologies, underwriting guidelines and health questionnaires without costly development cycles will have an enormous competitive advantage," said Mark Poling, Principal, Colibrium Partners, LLC.

“Tuo™ represents the accumulation of years of experience and Colibrium Partners’ investment to address the most critical sales, rating, underwriting, application and enrollment needs of insurers.

Tuo™ leverages Colibrium Partners’ research and experience to offer a completely innovative approach. Never before have business users controlled the tools to create, maintain and enhance their solution to this degree. This dramatically lowers initial and ongoing costs” said Erik Ciccarone, Principal, Colibrium Partners, LLC who led the development of Tuo™.

By creating a dedicated software division, Colibrium Partners provides a greater level of service to our clients, offering business configurable software applications in addition to benchmark consulting services.

About Colibrium Partners: Colibrium Partners is a new breed of partner offering strategic, business and IT solutions to the Health Insurance Industry. We believe the complexities of this marketplace demand industry specific software applications and project teams with deep industry experience to deliver sales, underwriting, rating and service solutions economically and successfully.

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