Monday, September 21, 2009

Chaotics, LLC Launches Chaotics Strategic Consulting Platform Partnership With Leading Management Consultancy in India

Chaotics, LLC, an Illinois corporation founded to develop and promote Chaotics Strategies as the next breakthrough management consulting platform, announced today it has reached agreement with INvencia Management Consulting Pty. Ltd. with offices in Delhi and Kolkata, to be its exclusive Chaotics Consulting Platform Partner (C2P2) in India.

"We are very pleased that INvencia is now our exclusive Chaotics Consulting Platform Partner in India," says Chaotics' President and CEO, John A. Caslione. "The INvencia team, under the leadership of its co-founders Mr. Jaydip Sinha and Mr. A. P. Gandhi, has a tremendous responsibility to help guide and mentor Indian companies now that we have entered The Age of Turbulence -- and we are quite confident that they are up to the task that is before them."

"There is no doubt that India is a critically important market in the global economy, and INvencia is a critically important partner for Chaotics," adds Caslione. "To remain successful, Indian companies -- all companies -- must embrace the strategies to alleviate stress placed upon their business models by an increasingly turbulent environment. Chaotics Strategies, brought to India by our partner INvencia, will help to ensure success of India's companies domestically and those who also venture abroad as so many are doing today."

Jaydip Sinha, Vice-President and Co-Founder of Invencia, says, "We are very proud to be have been chosen as the exclusive Chaotics Consulting Platform Partner for India and to become part of the fast growing global Chaotics Strategies management consulting network. Chaotics Strategies represents a tremendous opportunity for a highly diversified company in a fast growing market like India."

Chaotics, LLC was founded in May 2009 by global business strategy expert John Caslione and is based upon Caslione's and marketing strategy guru Philip Kotler's best-selling book, "Chaotics: The Business of Managing and Marketing In The Age of Turbulence" (AMACOM 2009), which is now distributed in more than 60 countries and published in 29 languages worldwide.

Chaotics Strategies make it possible for companies to better maneuver, perform and thrive in The Age of Turbulence, which Caslione states will be with us for the foreseeable future. Caslione advises business executives to drop their reliance on traditional two-playbook strategies -- one for up markets and the other for down markets -- and continuously fine-tune their strategies -- or even discard them when the environment demands it.

About Chaotics, LLC

Chaotics, LLC develops and promotes the Chaotics Strategies and the Chaotics Management System. Chaotics presents a new system -- and a new set of strategic behaviors -- designed to help businesses navigate through the new normality, i.e., spurts of prosperity intermittent with spurts of downturn, to be successful and profitable over the extended term, thus attaining and preserving Business Enterprise Sustainability regardless of the economic conditions.

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