Thursday, July 9, 2009

Kingland Systems Data Management Consulting Enhanced for Client Data

Kingland Systems, a leading provider of data, software, and technology services in the financial services industry, is enhancing its Data Management Consulting services, offering a series of services specific to client and counterparty data. These Client Data Consulting services address all aspects of the client data lifecycle, including client set up, data maintenance, and common client data system interaction with other functions such as compliance, risk, operations, and sales.

Kingland’s services are receiving strong interest from major banks and capital markets firms in response to the increased focus on risk and client management practices. As budgets begin to loosen up, many firms are looking at analysis projects as a budget friendly way to either ‘tune up’ their operations or to develop broader enterprise data management plans.

Tony Brownlee, Principal, who leads this practice for Kingland said “the way business entity data flows through these firms is fairly consistent from firm to firm, which has led us to standardize our analysis of processes, people, technology, and of course data. Looking at these consistencies, we have taken our deep expertise in data quality, entity and hierarchy data, and technology and process engineering to produce a service that firms can use easily and quickly.”

Kingland has been one of the premier providers of outsourced reference data services, today managing more than 900,000 business entities and hierarchies, on-shore using their U.S.-based data operations.

About Kingland Systems

Kingland Systems is a full-service technology outsourcing firm, providing reference data management, software engineering, and consulting to many large, international financial services firms for more than 15 years. For more information about Kingland Systems and its businesses, please visit:

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