Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Emunio Consulting Signs Partnership with Data Virtualization Leader, Composite Software

Emunio Consulting, the UK’s leading provider of data integration consultancy and delivery services, announced today that it has signed a strategic partnership with Composite Software, Inc., the leading independent provider of data virtualization software.

“Business agility and today’s ‘do more with less’ mantra means IT must aggressively deliver new solutions quickly and cost-effectively. Composite’s data virtualization solutions give businesses greater flexibility and timely access to their data which results in significant increases in revenue and productivity, and decreases in costs and risks,” said Rick Barton, managing director and co-founder of Emunio. “As a Composite strategic partner, we look forward to working with the company to deliver cost-effective, agile DI solutions to the growing UK market.”

“Composite’s platform provides a new way to integrate existing data from across the distributed information landscape. The software applies high performance federated queries, allied with a user friendly interface, resulting in new real-time data delivery solutions being built in days rather than weeks,” added John Traves, Principal Consultant and co-founder of Emunio. “Emunio’s clients will be able to harness Composite to enhance existing DI and reporting capabilities. They will have at their fingertips on-demand, up-to-the minute information, based on real time data.

“Emunio is among the top tier of data integration solutions providers and consistently demonstrates its expertise in solving the most challenging and complex DI problems for organisations across the UK,” said Jim Green, CEO, Composite Software. “Our partnership with Emunio is an important expansion of Composite Software’s market reach.”

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