Friday, June 12, 2009

Minimax Consulting Helps Develop Game Version of Texas Holdem

Texas Holdem Poker, a game traditionally played against other casino-goers, has been transformed into an exciting new table game by Adam and Sande Slutsky. The game transforms the excitement of multi-street betting and intricate decision making into a version where the players have an opportunity to bet against the house instead of fellow players. A High Hand bonus is given to all eligible hands at the showdown, which increases the attractiveness of game to passers-by on the floor. Minimax Consulting was retained by the Slutsky brothers to calculate the optimal structure and payout odds for the game which resulted in Fold'em Hold'em: Coming to a casino near you!

Minimax Consulting developed a tool that used Monte Carlo simulations to analyze the flow of the game. This involved programming the betting behavior of players, which was based on a combination of rules of thumb and optimal decision-making at each decision node. Once player behavior was coded, millions of hands were simulated to assess the odds of a variety of outcomes. This information was then used by Minimax Consulting analysts to determine the optimal structure and payouts of this exciting new game.

About Minimax Consulting

Minimax Consulting is a fast growing statistical consulting firm located at One Financial Plaza in Providence, RI. They specialize in statistical, mathematical, and strategic consulting for diverse clients including ESPN, Fannie Mae, Teach for America, Nielsen, Harvard Medical School, Stanford Medical School, JCPenney, VISA, Starbucks, Smuckers, Cox, Lifetime, and Ecko Unltd. Their team includes statisticians and mathematicians from top tier schools including Harvard, Brown, and Cambridge, to name a few.

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